Monday, August 10, 2009

Suicide Warning for Teens Who use Social Networking Sites

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LONDON: The Catholic Church in England has warned that websites such as Facebook and MySpace are pushing teenagers to view friendship as a “commodity” and ultimately leading them to commit suicide...
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Thankfully I don't have to worry about this yet...since my kids are not teens and do not use the computer...but it is something to take into consideration, as parents we must make sure our children know that online communication and friendships are great,but that they need to maintain friendships outside of the Internet world as well. Limiting your child's time on the computer is one of the best ways you can help deter your child from becoming 'addicted' to the net and social networking sites. Also involving them in activities outside such as sports and recreation programs, having them complete homework before given access to the computer are a few solutions.

Parent involvement is of course the most important way to keep your child from allowing their internet life to take control of their social life. Parents need to be aware of their child's friends, talk about their social life and help them overcome any obstacles hindering them from making friends in real life. Social networks should not replace real life relationships but enhance those relationships, while also extending friendships to those around the world.

Now to find solutions for parents who enjoy social networking sites more than going to the gym or playing outside in 100 degree heat...LOL

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