Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parent Alert:Mandatory Flu Vaccination in New Jersey and Other States


The video says it all, along with the video clip headline. There is no reason any parent should be required to vaccinate their child with the flu shot or any vaccine for that matter. The swine flu and seasonal flu are both concerns for many parents and schools, but they are both as much of a threat to our health as the other and there is no reason to start mandating flu vaccines anywhere in this country.

I don't blame the parents who are protesting this and I hope they are successful, this sets a precedent for other states to try and mandate health care to medical procedures, shots, abortions and more that many parents do not believe in due to religious reasons or personal reasons. Medical care and procedures should always be between a patient and the doctor and the parents should have the ultimate decision in their child's medical care. Of course when it is a life or death matter I can see where the state or federal government might get involved, such as the recent case last year with the young boy who required chemo treatment for cancer. The mother was opposed to the chemo treatment and fled the country with her son, while the police and federal authorities were notified of the situation because it was a decision that would have put her son at greater risk of death. However, in this situation, the swine flu and seasonal flu are no more life threatening this year than they have been in past years and this is not a matter of life and death. Some people have died from the swine flu, but many more die from seasonal flu yearly and there has never been a mandatory vaccine requirement. Therefore, there is no reason to require it now.

As a parent, if they attempt to require the vaccine in my sons school we will have no choice but to take him out of school until they waive the mandate or we will home school him indefinitely.  What do you plan to do and how do you feel about a mandatory flu shot for your little ones?

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