Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did School Officials Go Too Far?

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First grader Zachary Christie was recently suspended for bringing a Cub Scout camping utensil with him to school. The utensil combines a fork, spoon and a knife into one tool and Christie wanted to use it at lunchtime. His school has a "zero-tolerance" policy on weapons and the camping tool violates the district's rule. He is facing 45 days in the district's reform school. Did school officials go too far?

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I would say the school district definitely needs to review these cases on a case by case basis, sure the tool could have gotten into the wrong hands, but the intent of the child was not to harm anyone. If it had gotten into the wrong hands or if it were used to harm someone or threaten someone then some sort of reprimand might be necessary,but to enforce this no tolerance policy on this innocent six year old who may not have even understood the rule is outrageous, this punishment does not fit the crime.  What are your thoughts, please share below in the comments and take the related poll here.

Thankfully,since first writing this earlier in the week, it appears the media and public outcry has caused the district to reconsider their 'zero tolerance policy'.  Zachary was able to return to school this week. In another related case,there is a Rough Road Ahead for New York Eagle Scout as School District Won't Budge on Pocketknife Suspension. In this case, the teenager had survival gear locked in his car, which included a pocketknife. Somehow they found out about it and now he is at risk of losing acceptance to West Point, a lifelong dream.

Once again the school policy is extreme and the punishment does not fit the crime. He received a 20 day suspension, but it will also go on his academic record ruining his acceptance to West Point.

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via@TimOwensby Another example of government school stupidity! and you want them to control #healthcare too? #ocra #hcr #hc09 PLS RT!

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