Thursday, October 01, 2009

Elementary School Indoctrination or Education?

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Sand Hill Venable Elementary Indoctrination

What is going on in our school system? This video is at least the fourth one I've seen where teachers across the country are not just promoting innocent education messages, but promoting a political cause by creating propaganda that reflects their political views and those of the current President. This video uses the 'change' message that was prevalent in Obama's election campaign. While the message may be innocent the intention should not be imposed on children in schools who do not even understand the political motivations behind the message.

To me this is not only indoctrination but a violation of our children's educational rights. Since when is a political agenda part of their curriculum? They should be exposed to a wide variety of issues and views,without any leaning directly towards a political party. Now you might understand why many parents were upset when the Department of Education recently asked teachers to present their lesson plans on Obama's speech to students recently.

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