Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mother Kills Five Year Old Daughter to Protect Rapist Boyfriend

This is outrageous and sad that a mother would put someone like this before her innocent and defenseless child! I couldn't believe this headline when I saw it today. I just had to share it and comment on it...what is this world coming to when teens are beating to death,raping and setting one another on fire and mothers are protecting rapists over their children? This is a sad reflection of our society's moral decay.

We have people committing 'hate crimes' which are now protected groups under a new law passed by Congress recently, yet why aren't children protected by the laws we already have in place?? A 'hate crime' law protects a specific group of people (such as homosexuals) but we already have laws in place against murder, assault, rape etc that applies to everyone regardless of race and sexual orientation, why does a special group now have special protections by a 'special' law that could discriminate against those it doesn't protect? Such as white, christians?? Something to think about, although not exactly pertaining to this case since this happened in a foreign country. Here is the article:
Mother kills 5 year old daughter raped by her boyfriend
Big News Saturday 31st October, 2009

A South African woman has been charged with murdering her two children, a girl and a boy aged 5 and 3.
A South African woman has been charged with murdering her two children, a girl and a boy aged 5 and 3.

The murders are believed to have been carried out to protect the 24-year-old woman's boyfriend, who last month raped the 5 year old at the family's home in Sweetwaters, Pietermaritzburg, kraal.

The woman, Zanele Mngadi, covered up the rape however her family learned of it on Sunday and reported it to police.

The man accused of the rape appeared in court on Monday. The woman went to the court to support her friend and returned home to her children. The following day she allegedly murdered the children so that in her view there would be no evidence to convict her friend.

Police opposed bail at Friday's hearing.

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