Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update on Michael Brewer-Mom of teen set on fire

Michael is doing better. Doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital initially predicted Michael would need to stay in the intensive care unit for five months. Instead, he was moved to a burn unit after five weeks. He is talking and taking tentative steps - and playing Tony Hawk video games and watching "ICarly," one of his favorite TV shows.

He is scheduled to undergo his first skin graft on the backs of his legs next week. But his recovery is not all smooth. He is in intense pain, said his mother, especially when a nurse changes his dressings every day and gently washes his wounds.

Michael calls it his "torture time."

"He screams," she said. "But he cranks up Ozzy on the boom box and focuses on the music."

Michael doesn't dwell on the Oct. 12 attack.

"He's my hero," she said. "The fact that he can get through this on a daily basis without showing any anger is just incredible to me."

Three of the five teens accused in the attack were charged earlier this month as adults. Two others were released without charges.

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I don't understand why others involved were released without charges?? But, I am thankful and happy to hear that Michael is on the road to recovery and that his family has found support from the community around them and around the world. The court case is pending, but since the teens convicted were charged as adults they could receive life in prison for their crime. I hope this story opens eyes to others and something like this never happens again.

Please continue to keep Michael and his family in your thoughts and prayers, especially as you celebrate Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends this year!

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