Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Baby Pod:Safe Place for Baby or Creepy?

BY Kate Rockwood at

Like so many design competitions, it's not the winners but the weirdoes that emerged from Samsonite's second-annual open call that have us fascinated. Samsonite's Baby Travel Design Competition yielded 1,700 entries from 78 countries and the company recently crowned eight winners, including (yawn) a baby air seat and bassinette.

But look at this entry, which takes the cake for creepiness. The Smart Baby Case, by Iranian designer Pouyan Mokhtarani, is intended to keep your infant protected in the event of disasters, such as chemical warfare. We're talking an LED screen that monitors air quality inside the pod, an auto-rocking unit that can soothe babies sans adult humans, and even an auto-diaper that can flush away waste via tubes (gross). Liquid-filled padding around the head and a soft, flexible interior keeps your tot intact in case of a drop-kick or bomb attack.

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I came across this article and at first thought it was an ipod or some kind of cell phone gadget, but upon further reading found out it is an actual pod to put your baby into while you are unable to care for the baby for a short period of time, such as two or three hours according to the article and the inventor. Seems like it could have a purpose if intended for something like during a disaster, but it does seem a bit odd and creepy that someone would put their baby in this unit....I don't see where the breathing tubes are? I don't think I would use it, not to mention it probably would cost way too much for the average person to buy. What do you think??

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