Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Father and Son's Christmas Miracle

Finally, justice is served-A top judge in Brazil rules in favor of David Goldman.

David Goldman      
I posted on this story last week when it was thought Mr. Goldman would finally reunite with his nine year old son after nearly five years of separation. Then when he arrived to Brazil he was turned away, after another legal appeal was made by the step-family in Brazil. This child's abduction was in total violation of international laws, in that children who are taken from their birth countries are to have their constitutional rights observed in abduction cases. There are numerous other cases around the world, that are similar to David's in which children are not being returned to their birth right parents and given hearings in their birth countries with protection under the US Constitution. I am happy to hear this legal battle is finally coming to an end for this father and his son, Sean, so that they may begin to heal and reunite. It is such a shame he has lost some vital years to bond with him. I hope they will grow to respect and appreciate one another despite being separated for so many years.  It is a Christmas miracle that this father and son will finally be reunited and it is my hope they spend Christmas together. Read more about the latest court decision below:

Brazil's top judge rules for American father in custody feud
Posted: 23 December 2009 0833 hrs

BRASILIA - Brazil's Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favour of an American father seeking the return of his nine-year-old son after a long and bitter custody dispute with the child's Brazilian caretakers.

The decision by Gilmar Mendes, the chief justice of Brazil's high court, to throw out the appeal clears the way for US-Brazilian boy Sean Goldman to be returned to his New Jersey father.

David Goldman has waged a five-year battle to be reunited with son. The boy was brought to Brazil by his mother in 2004, where she divorced Goldman and remarried before dying last year, leaving Sean in the care of his Brazilian stepfather.

A federal court in Rio de Janeiro ruled last week that Sean should be handed over to his father at the US consulate by late Friday.
But as Goldman arrived in Rio to be reunited with his son, another Supreme Court justice ordered Sean to remain with his Brazilian relatives until the high court could take up an appeal lodged by the boy's Brazilian grandmother.

Goldman was in Brazil for what was expected to be the final stage of the years-long feud, hoping to bring his son back to the United States.

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Reunited this month during a brief visit, hoping to regain custody.

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