Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Four Year Old Found Drinking Beer & Wearing A Dress Found Roaming Neighborhood

When I first heard about this story I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but then as a mom of two young sons, who are quite mischievous at times, I guess you can't put anything passed kids this age. While most people would want to blame the parents for something like this, it sounds like Hayden's mom did all she could to keep Hayden secure in his home, yet surprisingly he was able to break out in the middle of the night. It's odd and sad to think Hayden believes that if he misbehaves he will get to go to jail with his dad. According to experts in the follow-up report, they recommend Hayden's mother get help for the child before he does follow the same road as his father and end up in jail one day or something worse happens to him. Thankfully this story has a happy ending, as many times children who roam away from home are often kidnapped or found dead. Let's hope this never happens again and Hayden gets the help he needs.  Here is more on the story:
A Chattanooga boy named Hayden Wright, aged 4, managed to get into some serious mischief early Tuesday morning. In fact, little Hayden was found drinking a beer, wearing a girl's dress (more on that later) and had stolen another family's Christmas presents. His mom, April Wright, 21, says that she's just not sure how little Hayden managed to get into so much trouble while she dozed.

Hayden was found on Tuesday morning at 1:45 a.m. as he wandered around drunk in the streets of his neighborhood. Officers reported that the little guy was wearing a girl's dress - one of the five wrapped Christmas presents he stole - and with a half a can of cold beer. The little guy was able to go through the unlocked front door of a neighbor's and pilfer through the gifts under their tree. In fact, he opened one and put on the dress it contained!

Hayden and his mom both were taken to the hospital, and he was treated for alcohol consumption by having his stomach pumped. Thankfully, Hayden is doing just fine now, and wasn't harmed (or kidnapped) during his nighttime adventures.

Sadly, Hayden's mom claims that Hayden "runs away to find his father," who happens to be in jail at the moment. It doesn't seem probable that the little man is running away (not at such a tender age); but, it does sound like he's full of mischief like most kids his age. Some of the most opportune times for kids to get into trouble is in the middle of the night, when parents are sleeping. Hayden's mama even demonstrated on camera the safety devices that are installed to help prevent him from leaving the house. But most parents can admit that if you have a precocious child, you know that even little ones can jailbreak and leave the house - or wreak havoc inside the house.

Child protective services met with April Wright, and concluded that she is able to keep Hayden, despite Tuesday's incident. Wright feels both "embarrassed and like a failure" after the remarkable event. Hayden, well, seems just fine.

Don't believe this week's Fail? Watch the bizarre tale, below:

Photo: Hayden Wright/Channel 9 News Chattanooga
Source:Parenting Fail of the Week

4-Year-Old Runs Wild
A child roams the neighborhood, beer in hand

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