Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Father's and Families and Scott Brown in Massachusetts

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Today is the big day as polls close in the Massachusettes Senate race. I am supportive of Scott Brown's candidacy and hopeful he will win it, despite finding he is not pro-life. But, he is at least the better of the two candidates in supporting the majority of conservative republican's. One issue Brown is know to support is the Shared Parenting Bill in Massachusetts, which will protect fathers/parents in custody battles. This article in Mens News Daily explains further:
The race to fill the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat has become a national media story, as polls show that upstart Massachusetts Republican State Senator Scott Brown has pulled even with favored Democratic Party candidate Martha Coakley, Massachusetts' Attorney General. President Obama has come to Massachusetts to try to save the race for Coakley--this in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1.

Senator Brown has been a co-sponsor of Fathers & Families' Shared Parenting Bill, has met with F & F Board Chairman Ned Holstein, MD, and has spoken at a F & F meeting. Dr. Holstein explains:

Our Shared Parenting Bill, which Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has publicly pledged to sign, would end the barbaric practice of judges stripping fathers (or sometimes mothers) of custody of their children without a sound, stated basis. Family courts must protect the relationship between children and both parents after a divorce, instead of allowing an angry mother (or father) to push the other parent out.

MA. Senator Scott Brown, former F & F Executive Director Dan Hogan, J.D., Ph.D., and F & F Founder Ned Holstein, MD, are pictured above at an F & F meeting.

Fathers & Families recently circulated the message regarding the viewpoints of the candidates to its Massachusetts members concerning some of Brown and Coakley's positions learn more here MA. Senate Candidate Scott Brown Co-Sponsored F & F’s Shared Parenting Bill | Glenn Sacks on MND.

Who wins remains to be seen, at last count Scott Brown is in the lead at 52%, while Coakley is at 46% with only 9% of votes counted. If nothing else, this election will show the current administration that they need to start listening to the people or their party is out in 2010 mid-term elections; making Obama a lame duck President. the

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