Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teaching Your Kids You Are What You Eat

I just learned about this tonight and thought it was a great resource to pass along.

Catch What’s on Your Plate?, the documentary about kids and food politics, on national TV this February 7th, 2010!

Join families across the country for a Family Cook-In! on Sunday, February 7th and spend an afternoon learning with your kids about food – what it’s made of, where it come from and how to enjoy every bite.

First, download our Screening Toolkit. (Go to:

It has all the stuff you need to have a fun and delicious Family Cook-In!
Second, watch What’s on Your Plate? at 2:00 p.m. on Discovery’s Planet Green. (Go to to find your local channel).
Third, check out the games and activities in our Screening Toolkit.
Fourth, cook and eat together! Get everyone in the kitchen chopping, stirring, pouring and baking. Then sit down together for some fresh and yummy home-cooked food.

Think food justice is too tricky for kids? Think again.

Learn more at Beginning


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