Sunday, January 24, 2010

URGENT:Don't let them 'pull the plug' on baby Isaiah!

I learned about this beautiful baby boy yesterday and his plight to survive. My heart and prayers go out to baby Isaiah's family and friends, I wish there was more I could do besides share his story and pray, but I hope sharing his story will encourage others to pray and act to save baby Isaiah's life. It is never right when a parent who loves their child is given a choice between life or death because the government/courts tell you it's time to let your baby die. (this is the result of nationalized medical care;taking the medical choice away from parents&families) Life and death decisions such as this should be left to both parents and God. Please show your support and share Isaiah's story with others; pray for him and call or write the hospital and courts in Canada to save his life.

Earlier in the year, I posted about another case similar to this in the UK, which the mother wanted to let the baby go and the father didn't...eventually the mother and hospital convinced the father to let them remove life support; don't let this happen to baby Isaiah!! Where there is hope, there is love, where there is love their is life!! Read his story below and share it with as many as you can:
My good friends, Rebecka and Isaac, welcomed there beauitful baby boy "Isaiah James May" into the world Oct 24 at 5:15pm-after a long and diffcult 40 hours. What should have been a time of joy quickly turned into heartache as baby Isaiah was not breathing when he was born. Isaiah's umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck, resulting in severe oxygen deprivation. CPR was performed and he was rushed by helicopter to Edmonton's Children's Stollery Hospital where he is fighting the fight of his life in the NICU. After many tests done by the medical community they had pronounced baby Isaiah with no brain activity and "no hope" for life. They suggest that Rebecka and Isaac pull his life support plug and allow him to die.

Being Christian we know there is always HOPE. They prayed, we prayed, all of you prayed and people around the world prayed. The Doctor and his medical team told Rebecka and Isaac that Isaiah will die in a matter of days and they should "pull the plug" and let their only son die. They went on to say that Isaiah will never grow, never eat, never urinate independently! Isaiah so far has done all those things!

Isaiah is doing everything the doctor said he wouldn't. He is growing and is almost a big 11lbs. He moves his limbs daily, he opens his eyes and his pupils dilate. With all the progress little baby Isaiah is making the hospital sent the parents a letter stating they will be pulling life support on Jan 20 at 2pm. Now they are facing a court to decide whether they can fight to keep their son alive! The judge decides on Jan 27 what will happen with Isaiah's life support!

Please everyone continue to pray for COMPLETE healing for baby Isaiah and please pray that the next thing this baby boy does is CRY! That his parents hear their baby cry for the first amazing that would be! Baby Isaiah needs our prayers, there is HOPE!!!!

This baby is an angel I felt BLESSED just being in his isnt something I can put into words but to touch, kiss and just smell this baby boy did something to me! God is there with baby Isaiah and HE will NEVER leave his side and everyone is waiting on the Lord and believing that this boy will be healed!

Please keep the prayers coming they are WORKING!

Join Baby Isaiah James' Facebook prayer and support group

Please call to register your complaint!

Alberta Health
780-427-7164 then ask for the Minister's Office

Stollery Childrens' Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta

You can HELP please call!

Thank you for caring and sharing!

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