Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#livetweetingabortion Is Twitter the 'new' place to go and live tweet your abortion?

Angie Jackson.jpgI've come across this video via Jill Stanek's pro-life blog and am disheartened and disgusted. So am also sharing my comments as posted on her blog, along with my additional thoughts here hoping to reach more people about how wrong this woman is. I hate to even refer to her or give her the time of day,but a lesson is to be learned from her shameful act and I believe one of the best ways to learn is from the mistakes of others. First of all, twitter is a great communication tool for sharing information and connecting with others, but is twitter really the best place to go to share your abortion? I guess, only if you want to learn from others mistakes...

This woman's soul is lost and twisted. [If you read her tweets under #livetweetingabortion you will see how twisted she is,not to mention she says to have a 'Godless day' at the end of her video. I feel like the devil is speaking himself through her shameless rants] How anyone can tweet about their pride in 'choosing' to abort their child for 'medical reasons' is beyond me. It has to be for attention, because she doesn't explain what medical reasons?? Like someone said [on Jill's blog comments], why not explain in detail more about that reason since she can explain in detail her choice to abort, and some of the details of her chemical induced abortion; while telling her son she is sick because she has a fetus inside her.[see her tweet Feb 18 at 11:53PM Apparently she hasn't learned that a fetus is a baby and the term comes from Latin.]

The only sick person is her. Reading her tweets sounds like the diary of a 'mad woman'.  Why else would she say she wants to keep the pill bottle as a souvenir[see her Feb 19th 7:36pm tweet]?? She does not appear to value life,except maybe her own selfish life she claims to be saving for her [poor]son to have a mother. [I hope he grows up to value life more than her and respect women more than her BF.]I wonder if her son is from the same BF[boyfriend]? Or was she in a healthier relationship at the time she chose to keep him? Or is this the same guy, who does not value her enough to marry her and raise their children together??

My thoughts and prayers go out to women contemplating abortion and thinking that it is a 'choice'. They had their choice when they chose to have unprotected sex or sex out of wedlock. It's a travesty the innocent babies pay the price for this irresponsible behavior. If she knew she had a medical condition,why did she risk her 'life' and her pregnancy?? [Perhaps if she were not Godless, she would have put her faith in God like Tim Tebow's mother and had a healthy,happy, God loving baby?]

It sounds to me like she seeks attention and will take any negative attention she gets along with the positive, in order to justify her 'choice' and live guilt free. But, we know the truth...and God knows the truth and I'm sure He has a special place for those who kill their own babies as if they are just removing a hang nail. [Just like I'm sure He has a special place for anyone who takes the life of another in the womb or out of the womb, life is life otherwise you would not be killing something/someone.]

All one can do is pray to end abortions and pray other women wake up to what it really is before it's too late for another innocent life. I also pray any woman contemplating this 'choice' will find how cold hearted &Godless Angie is and see how wrong it is. As I posted on this article, regarding an abortionist under investigation for keeping body parts of late-term aborted babies in his freezer...;'Abortion is not a choice to do good[no harm], it is a choice to do evil[harms innocent lives]!'
[warning graphic image w/in link]

How do you feel about using twitter to share her abortion? Is she heartless and cold or is she making abortion out to be an act of choice with no regrets and little pain?? Is this really an honest portrayal of abortion??

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