Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update:Save Four Month Old Baby Isaiah With Prayers&Support

I was happy to see this headline today on Baby Isaiah; which I mentioned in a previous post a couple weeks ago. At that time the court decided to give his parents until February 19 to determine if he should be kept alive on life support. Now they are giving them until March 11, while they await a report from a neonatologist in Victoria to assess Isaiah. This will also give the family additional time to search for a pediatric neurologist in the US, possibly in New York or Baltimore, to assess their beautiful baby boy. It is unknown who is paying for the assessments and additional time on life support, but it is my hope that donations and/or doctors will offer their help pro-bono in this case.  The financial costs of saving this babies life should not be what decides his fate; would you let it decide yours or your childs?

The miracle of birth is proof there is a God, why not give this family and their beautiful baby the benefit of the doubt to do all they can in their power to save his life. Please keep praying for baby Isaiah's life and his family so that he is kept alive, as he continues to grow and thrive. Hopefully with your prayers, God's blessings and future or current medical intervention Isaiah will recover and live without life support. As others have said, when we cross the line into giving up our right to life or those we love based on medical expenses we are crossing a fine line into denying medical care to the elderly and disabled who may die or require life support or other costly drugs or medical care to keep them alive. This should not and never should be the decision of government or bureaucrats to make.  As someone posted in the comments section of this article from CBC, what comes after that?:

"Your elderly parent or child wanders off in the dead of winter and we now decide not to send search and rescue since it's a waste of money?"

We should not make life and death decisions based on cost nor whether or not someone will improve or not. Parents need to be able to make these decisions based on faith and will, along with medical advice. Nobody should have the pressure of the courts or any other entity trying to dictate what is in the best interest for their child. This is the true meaning of choice and offers the only right to life and liberty in society. Please help share his story by reblogging this through the link below and retweeting about it using this tweet:

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From CBC Canada:
The parents of a brain-damaged baby will be back in court March 11 in an effort to keep their infant alive.

The parents of a brain-damaged baby will be back in court March 11 in an effort to keep their infant alive. Isaiah May was born in Rocky Mountain House, Alta., in October.

"There hasn't been very many improvements the last few weeks," said Isaiah's father Isaac May. "But he is still growing. He's over 12 pounds."

A lawyer for the family updated Judge Michelle Crighton Friday morning, in a case that has pitted the parents against the doctors at Edmonton's Stollery Children's Hospital.

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