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#hcr New baby coming for baby Isaiah's parents;investigation on hospital care

This is a follow-up article on baby Isaiah; who was taken off of life support on March 11,2010 after his parents fought a court battle to keep him on life support. Sadly,the second opinion they received, from a neurologist in the US, said Isaiah would never breathe on his own so they finally agreed to take him off of life support.

What gets me is the hospital did not act in a timely manner and decide to give her a c-section after 40 hour labor! I would think ultrasound and fetal monitors during the labor would have indicated there was a problem and that the baby was wrapped in his umbilical cord.  I know here in the US; I was well cared for during my first sons birth with fetal monitors and one even placed on his skull during labor because there was a fear of having to perform an emergency c-section because my labor was long and the babies heart rate was dropping. Thankfully, all worked out,my husband was able to assist with cutting the umbilical cord and I was able to deliver him naturally, with an epidural of course, and I gave birth to a healthy and happy baby boy.

During my second pregnancy, I also had a long labor, even though my water had broken shortly following admission. Once again, at a different hospital and with a different physician and nurse, we were well cared for and my second son was born without incident; despite learning the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck! The doctor quickly cut the umbilical cord allowing our son to cry out and gain his full color. Thankfully, all worked out and we again welcomed another healthy baby boy. My experiences lead me to believe the hospital in Canada and the doctors and staff did not provide the best care and judgment in the case of baby Isaiah. I am glad to hear there is going to be an inquiry and hope the family pursues a medical malpractice suit. It seems to me more should have been done to prevent a 40 hour labor and end in the brain damage and eventually death of baby Isaiah.  The good news is they are expecting a second baby due in November. May God bless them with a happy and healthy baby and a safe pregnancy. I will never forget the story of baby Isaiah, as I am sure they will never forget holding him in their arms as he was taken off of life support.
[]Rebecka May with her son Isaiah, in an undated family photo. Isaiah died March 11, 2010, after being taken off life support.

Photograph by: May Family,

EDMONTON — A nursing professor wants a public inquiry into the case of baby Isaiah James May, whose brief life saw him become the subject of a high-profile legal battle as his parents fought to keep him on life-support.

Donna Wilson, a University of Alberta nursing professor, said the province's health minister should investigate to determine if the Rocky Mountain House Hospital, where Isaiah was born Oct. 24, followed the right procedures to determine the risks and the potential need to send Isaiah's mother to a larger hospital or end the labour by performing a C-section.

The baby was born after 40 hours of labour with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

He was later airlifted to the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton.

Doctors said the child should be removed from life-support, leading his parents to launch a legal bid to keep their little boy alive long enough for them to get a second opinion.

Earlier this month, after that second opinion confirmed Isaiah had severe brain damage and would never be able to breathe on his own, he was removed from life-support and died in his parents arms.

"No one else should have to go through that experience that young couple had," Wilson said. "This really needs to be a training or learning opportunity. Where are the standards to protect future women and families from this?"

Wilson said a public inquiry needs to determine if Alberta hospitals, including the one in Rocky Mountain House, have appropriate standards in place that suggest how long a woman should be in labour before specialists are called in or the woman is moved to a bigger hospital with more expertise.

Isaiah's mother, Rebecka May, agreed.

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