Thursday, April 15, 2010

Abortions to Euthanasia Coming to Your Child's School?

I have written about the consequences of Obamacare upon passage of health care reform,otherwise known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which was recently passed through various bribes and earmarks in Congress. Currently, at least 16 states are joining in on a suit against the federal government as they believe it to be unconstitutional because it is the first time the federal government is mandating citizens of the US to purchase a product or service or be fined and possibly jailed.

Now parents need to be more aware of what type of health care their children might receive at school,upon signing parental consent forms, because under the new health care legislation more funding will go towards providing school based health clinics, which could authorize treatments parents may unknowingly consent to.

These general consent forms could authorize school based health clinics (SBHC) to provide your child with everything from basic physicals and immunizations to such medical procedures as abortions and assisted suicide in states that view euthanasia as a form of medical treatment.

This is a warning for all parents to read the fine print in these consent forms, ask questions and make sure to sign a waiver against any type of medical care that goes beyond a basic physicals or immunizations. Otherwise, like the mother in Seattle who's daughter was sent to have an abortion without her knowledge, , could happen to your child without your knowledge.  As the Seattle area mom found out, the Ballard High School consent form that she signed gave permission for any and all services available that the clinic provides, either directly or by referral.

[The] school-based health clinic (SBHC) had arranged for her 15-year-old daughter's abortion. The high school student was given a pass, put in a taxi, and sent for an abortion during school hours -- all without the parents' knowledge. To add insult to injury, the teen was told that there wouldn't be any charge for the abortion if she concealed it from her family.

Was this legal?


According to Seattle School District spokeswoman Teresa Wippel, "From a legal/procedural standpoint, it's a non-issue."

But this article isn't about abortion and ObamaCare. That topic has been and will continue to be widely discussed. Rather, it is about school-based health clinics, parental consent, and assisted suicide. That aspect of the new law has, until now, been under the radar even though it is part and parcel.

Under ObamaCare, there will be a massive expansion of SBHCs (Sec. 4101), creating full-service clinics across the country.

Until now, SBHC had been funded by state and private funds. With passage of ObamaCare, the federal government has entered into the fray. According to the NASBHC
, passage of ObamaCare was "an unprecedented victory for school-based health centers" which will enable other communities to open school clinics.  According to the NASBHC, access to any service (sports physicals, for example) requires parents to sign written consent for their children to receive the full scope of services provided at the SBHC.

Kevin Jennings
, the Obama administration's controversial (I'll share more on him soon)Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, is slated to keynote the organization's June convention with an address titled "Partnering Education and Health for a Safer School Environment."

Hundreds of millions of federal dollars will be directed to SBHCs.

The expanded clinics will provide on-site access during the academic year and 24-hour coverage through backup health providers to ensure access to services on a year-round basis when school is not in session. All of this will proceed with little or no parental involvement.

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