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Parents made to wait two hours to see doctor w/sick baby!

I knew this had to be in the UK. How would you like to wait two hours while your baby is vomitting, has a high fever, curling his legs up to his chest in pain and then told to wait an hour to see a doctor;which then turned into two hours!? The baby was finally seen after two hours passed and his tongue started to swell from meningitis!! Meningitis is a life threatening and brain damaging condition if the diagnosis or treatment is late!

This is another scary example of how government health care reduces the quality of care in an attempt to reduce costs and provide care to all. Thankfully in this situation the baby survived,but there have been cases in countries such as the UK where people have died because of longer wait times to see a doctor, along with lack of quality doctors available. It is already predicted that we will have less doctors to provide care in the future and once the new health care plan kicks into effect in 2014; experts expect more shortages in the US due to an increased number of patients and more doctors retiring or giving up their practices because of medicare cuts in pay and because of higher fines and taxes. In addition, there has already been a decline of people going into the medical profession.

The parents of a nine-month old baby diagnosed with meningitis said they had to wait two hours to see a doctor.

Ian Newland took baby Edward to Wexham Park Hospital (WPH) in East Berkshire.

Edward was seen by a triage nurse before being placed in a waiting room. He was seen two hours later when his tongue started to swell.

A statement from WPH said comment could not be made on individual cases but a triage nurse would "establish clinical priority".

Mr Newland said he was advised by his GP to take Edward to hospital if his symptoms got worse.

Hospital statement

He said: "He had a high fever, was vomiting, and was bringing his legs up to his chest and crying out in agony.

"A triage nurse assessed him and said we'd be seen by a doctor in one hour, and then put us on some chairs and that's where we sat for two hours.

"We made sure he was rehydrated and although he had a raging fever, to the staff, he looked like a healthy baby.

"When's Edward's tongue started to swell my wife alerted the doctors and that's when they saw him."

A statement from the hospital said: "Patients who arrive in A&E are all seen by an experienced triage nurse.

"They will undertake an initial assessment to establish the clinical priority for their treatment.

"Following triage, appropriate treatment is given and observations taken so staff can ascertain the best care pathway for patients."

Edward was diagnosed with meningitis and is responding to treatment.

Source: BBC News

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