Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Should paralyzed,mute&possibly vegetative mother have vistation rights?

I came across this article today and it touched my heart, but also compelled me to share it and ask if you feel a person in this mother's condition and the grandparents of the children deserve visitation rights? I say why not, because she is still their mother despite her health condition and according to her parents she can respond via blinks to yes and no questions.

Regardless as to whether she can speak or fully understand her surroundings, she will always be the mother of those children and the father should not take that right from them. I think if he does, as they grow up and realize what happened they will most likely be unhappy with their father for keeping them from seeing their mother, even if she can't play and respond to them like other parents.

In addition, the father is keeping them from a healthy relationship with their grandparents who love the children and should be entitled to visitation rights. Just because he divorced her and broke his vow to stay married through 'sickness and health', he should not deny his children this special time with their mother and grandparents.

Nobody really knows the power of the human body and the mind except our creator and for all the doctors and anyone else knows their mother will be able to sense who her children are naturally. In addition, their have been cases of people in coma's and with devastating brain injuries who have overcome their disabilities and awoken able to communicate, most recently was a teen who awoke from a coma able to speak in German!  As with the case of little Paul, who drowned and was declared dead after three hours, miracles can happen and are possible. Why give up on someone and why deny them their parental rights to visitation?

As for the father seeking child support off a family who is already overburdened with medical care and expenses to treat their mother, it sounds like he is being greedy. Where is the compassion? If she were not in her condition I'm sure they would still have remained married, but because of her disability he divorced her and now expects child support and fully custody, without any visitation. How cruel!
LOS ANGELES - A mother who is unable to move or speak — and possibly to understand — is the focus of an unusual, emotional court case to decide if she has visitation rights with her 3-year-old triplets.

A trial is set to start next month after a Los Angeles County judge on Tuesday ruled the parents of Abbie Dorn can fight for their daughter's right to see her children.

"They're not going to parent," Superior Court Judge Rudolph A. Diaz said. "They only want a right of visitation. They have the right to pursue that."

Dorn, 34, gave birth to a girl, Esti, and boys Reuvi and Yossi in 2006 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She suffered brain damage from complications of blood loss after a doctor nicked her uterus during delivery, according to a malpractice lawsuit that was settled for nearly $8 million.

Dorn was left unable to move, talk, eat or drink, and now lives with her parents, Susan and Paul Cohen, in Myrtle Beach, S.C. She receives hours of daily therapy at a cost of about $33,000 a month, funded by the malpractice settlement.

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