Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There is a God!Miracle boy survives drowning after heart stops!

Who says the news is all bad,sad and controversial...thankfully this isn't the case and there is good news in the world despite all the recent natural disasters,loss of lives, and political controversies. I had to share this story about a young boy named, Paul, who saw his great-grandmother in heaven and lived to tell the world about it. I think the Professor of Peadiatrics frome the hospital in Buch,UK said it best when he said, "It goes to show the human body is a very resilient organism and you should never give up. The boy is happy and healthy. It's a wonderful thing."  For this reason alone, I hope others are inspired,and hopeful that no matter how grave their health or a situation might be, there is always hope and the grace of God, our creator, which designed this 'resilient organism'.
A three-year-old boy brought back from the dead after his heart stopped beating for three hours has told how he saw his great-grandmother in Heaven.

The youngster - who is named only as Paul - claimed he met his relative and she sent him back to Earth.

Paul was playing on his own when he fell into a lake near his grandparents' house in the town of Lychen, north of Berlin, Germany.

The child's grandfather later found him lifeless in the water.

Paul was quickly dragged to the shore but the youngster remained unconscious.

His father, who had had first aid training in the past, tried to resuscitate his son by giving him mouth to mouth and heart massage.

A helicopter took him to Helios hospital in Buch and doctors also tried to resuscitate him but he was unresponsive.

They were about to stop because the boy had been clinically dead for three hours and 18 minutes - but then a miracle happened.

The team managed to get his heart beating again, defying the laws of medicine.

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