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Parent Alert:What's K2 and Why should parents be concerned?

As if parents don't have enough things to worry about, between recent drug recalls and keeping involved in our kids daily lives;parents of teens need to be especially aware of this new &legal drug teens are using to get high in place of using marijuana, but is three to five times more potent.

It's called K2 and it is used in incense, it is a mix of herbs sprayed with a chemical that is not safe for human consumption and teens are smoking it in pipes, bongs and joints. While more information is needed on the long term effects of K2, it may be potentially fatal and many kids have ended up in the emergency room! Some of the effects include: increased heart rates,loss of consciousness, paranoia and psychotic episodes,including irreversible damage to the brain. The drug affects different people in different ways, so there is no way to determine how it will react in an individual.

So be aware and keep your teens safe, make sure they are not using this or other drugs which could harm them or others, especially if they get behind a car.
(WHAS11) There’s a new drug that’s easy to get. It’s called K2.

Kentucky just banned it, but in most states it’s legal.

Experts warn though that they don’t know much about it and it’s already put dozens of people in the hospital.

K2, also known as fake weed, has put over 100 people in the emergency room in Louisville so far this year.

The Poison Control Center said people between 17 and 29 years of age are the biggest users right now.

But the drug is becoming so popular, smoke shops in Indiana can barely keep it on the shelves; although it was never meant to be a drug.

It’s smoked in joints, bongs and pipes just like marijuana. It even has the same smell and users say it gives them the same high.

Chris Kiviniemi, who was smoking K2 said, “This is the best thing going on right now.”

It’s an un-regulated mixture of dried herbs, sprayed with a chemical compound and most of the packaging reads, “Not for human consumption.”

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Teenagers Smoking K2 Have Authorities Incensed: Kids Who Smoke Incense Have Easy Access to the Legal Drug

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