Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is one lucky baby her mom may lose her&her sisters!

Could you imagine driving down the road when suddenly you notice something in the road and it turns out to be a baby!!?? This is one lucky girl...especially since it was near midnight. How she got out of her house and what she was doing up so late is unknown but the mother is in a fight to keep custody rights of her children since this incident. According to the video below;the mother says she thought the kids were in the other room watching television. The father came out to get the baby after hearing the sounds of the bus brakes in front of their house. He then went out to get the baby girl after the bus driver stopped to save her and the father grabbed her and walked away without even a thank you!

What do you think based on the story and video clip? Was it an accident?? Should the mother be able to keep her children after this incident?
Bus dashcam captures near miss with crawling baby


Posted on May 18, 2010 at 2:19 PM

Dashboard camera footage shows a shocking near miss for a San Antonio, Texas bus driver.

It was just after midnight last May when driver Mike Hubbard spotted something in the street ahead of him.

Hubbard stopped just in time to miss running over that something: a baby clad only in a diaper sitting in the middle of the street.

He quickly got off the bus and scooped up the child.

Moments later a man runs from a nearby house and takes the child, all without saying a word.

The baby was Destiny Flores.

She's now 2-years-old and doing fine, but her mother, 25-year-old Catherine Gonzalez is still fighting to keep Destiny and her two sisters.

Gonzalez says she has no idea how Destiny opened the door of their home and got out that night.

Texas Child Protective Services will determine if the girls will be allowed to remain in the home within the next few weeks.

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