Monday, July 12, 2010

Miraculously 18month old survives after father throws her into traffic

This man must have been on drugs or some other unknown substance. Why anyone would act this nutty is unexplainable otherwise,but regardless what he did should be considered attempted murder not just, 'cruelty to a child'. He not only threw her into oncoming traffic,but shook her prior,which could have caused brain damage,as a result of shaken baby syndrome, or death. This was not just child abuse,this was an act of attempted murder! I hope he doesn't plead temporary insanity and get off with a fine and short jail sentence. He should never be left around a child again and should be put away for attempted murder. He is just lucky she wasn't killed. What do you think?
A 21-year-old man was arrested Saturday after he threw his daughter into oncoming traffic and then attacked witnesses and police who were trying to subdue him, authorities said.

The 18-month-old girl was not badly injured.

The wheels of an oncoming Volkswagen Jetta did not touch her, but she was burned and scraped by the car's undercarriage, police said.

The suspect, John Taylor, was stunned with a Taser and suffered minor injuries. Police did not release the girl's name but said she lives with her mother in an East Bay city.

She was visiting her father Saturday, and they had been at a friend's house. Police were still unsure Sunday afternoon why Taylor acted as he did.

The incident began about 5:30 p.m. Saturday when an off-duty police officer saw Taylor pick up and shake the girl on Fifth Avenue near East 15th Street, then toss her into a traffic lane, investigators said. She then was hit by the Jetta, and the officer gave chase to Taylor after a neighbor came to the car and pulled her out.

That neighbor was Diana Castro, who said the elderly couple in the Jetta was confused about what was happening, but stopped the car. Castro heard the commotion from inside her home, ran to the car and pulled her out from under.

"The baby was completely under it. It was scary because if the lady driving it accelerated at all she could run it over," Castro said.

"When I took the baby, it continued crying and I thought,that's a good sign. She's still breathing in. She was so scared, she was grabbing my neck and couldn't stop crying. I was asking people, 'Whose baby is this?' and nobody knew."

As he ran, Taylor was pounding on and kicking cars, kicking out the windshield of one, police said.

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