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7yro Dies After Swimming in Lake Infested with Brain-Eating Amoeba! What Can You Do To Prevent This?

I saw this article earlier on twitter via @momlogic and retweeted it. I'm glad to see @qutequte also saw the article and felt compelled to write about it. She did such a great job with her follow-up research and explanation that I wanted to share her post with those who follow Little Bytes News.

Stay safe, stay aware and stay alive with this great info!

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#health #children Child Died from Brain-Eating #Amoeba After Swimming | How to Prevent Future Deaths

Between 1995 to 2004, 23 have died of this amoeba infection in Southern America. Death can come swiftly within 100 hours.

CNN reports that the amoeba infection is hard to prevent. Whereas says the amoeba can be easily killed via chlorine. I doubt iGorilla’s report.

This kind of brain-eating amoeba - known as Naegleria Fowleri - is usually found in warm water that does not move 24 hours a day, seven days a week (unlike a running river).

Pool water with chemicals do not kill some of the world’s very stubborn parasites. (Even mosquitoe larvaes have found ways to survive in swimming pools laden with chemicals, as they stick to the walls of pools near surface of water.)

I don’t think boiling water helps cos after water has cooled, a parasite can always infect cooled down boiled water.

Parasites (and the more hardy virus) usually do not stand a chance if water that’s ALWAYS running. (One of my earliest posts on here is about what the Dead Zone teaches us about oxygen’s relation to killing of pathogens, because the Dead Zone has close to ZERO percentage oxygen.)

Time to insist public pools AND spas, use oxygenators and powerful oxidizers to kill these brain-eating amoeba and other parasites! Many of these machines are anti-viral, anti-yeast/fungus and anti-amoeba. Ask Birdynumnumz on Twitter. (Nope, he does not pay me for referral of sales. I know he has great info on this topic.)

Another thing that can help is to keep the water way below the temperature that amoeba can survive in (swimming in cold water?)

Do you know…arthritis can be caused by amoeba too? Shocking, isn’t it?

== Treating those infected with the Amoeba ==

Amphotericin B cured 5 out of 10 mice infected wuth Amoeba Could such an infection be cured without drugs? Any experts here?

In my opinion, this child’s death could have been prevented. Should the pool management even be liable?

When in doubt, avoid swimming in any water that is “too still” or stagnant.

“Amoebas reproduce by binary fission. The life cycle from birth to reproduction takes between 45 and 100 hours, depending on diet. When an amoeba enters a hostile environment, it can form itself into a ball and secrete a protective membrane to form a cyst. The amoeba then stays in this armor until external conditions improve. If the amoeba remains in cyst form for too long, it may die, but this strategy can help it get by hard times and live to see another day. The strategy is similar to that of hibernation. -

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Ozone can kill bacteria in water 5,000 times more than chlorine. It can tackle cancer more effectively than chemotherapy. More about ozone: and

7-year-old Kyle Lewis died last month after contracting a parasitic amoeba while swimming on a camping trip in Texas, reports KTLA. Doctors said Kyle contracted an infection from Naegleria fowleri, an amoeba that thrives in warm, stagnant water. He died within four days of contracting the rare infection. Kyle’s father says he was a happy and active child until he fell ill after the fateful camping trip. Now, Kyle is dead and his father wants his son’s death to be a lesson to other parents.

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Swimming/playing in Infected Waters or Pools can up your chance of parasites that can cause cancer.  Parasites mentioned here (newspaper clipping)
Naughty Cryptosporidiosis! There’s one reported case of the parasite (found in biliary tract of an AIDS sufferer) clinically mimicking a pancreatic cancer in the patient’s body! (Ref: )
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