Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anyone using Postup?? #tech #news #amplify

I just signed up for this today and am hoping it helps me find more people that tweet about similar topics as well as care to read more about what I'm tweeting or amping up. Let me know if you are using it and what I can expect from it or if it is worth my time.


Amplify’d from
World's Best Tweeters... and More

Welcome to PostUp – home of the world's best tweeters... and more! We've embarked on an exciting quest to let even more people realize the tremendous potential of social networks as a real-time information platforms. PostUp makes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others more relevant for everyone. It's the fastest and easiest way for you to find the best authors and posts in the world, and for authoritative members of social networks to grow a highly targeted following.

One of the biggest complaints about many social networks is that much of the communication is pure noise, while valuable posts fly by in an instant never to be seen again. All of which makes finding useful information from the most authoritative members almost impossible. And for serious members of these communities, there is the daunting task of attracting interested and relevant followers. PostUp aims to change all of that.

PostUp boosts the world's most authoritative members of social networks on any topic to the top of search results, raising them above the noise and giving them persistence against the backdrop of millions of posts that fly by each minute. PostUp has developed an algorithm that assesses the quality, relevance, and influence of authors and posts, combined with a bid-based marketplace. This helps you find the best members of social networks to follow, and if you're an authority on a topic or a company using social networks to reach out to your community, it increases your visibility, attracting the most highly targeted followers.

PostUp is the brainchild of our CEO, Bill Gross, and the team at Idealab. These are the same folks who invented the model for paid internet search, the bid-based marketplace that enables some of the biggest companies on the Internet to thrive. We're also backed by some of the most influential investors in social media and the Internet, including Index Ventures, Revolution LLC, First Round Capital and BetaWorks as well as prominent individual investors and members of the social media community, including Jason Calacanis and Jeff Jarvis. And yet with all this brainpower behind PostUp, we won't be successful without you.

Over the next month during our open beta period, we will be gathering statistics and bids to make the results great, and then we will launch the results at many of our partner sites. We'd love your input, feedback and bids during this period, so we can seed our system with even more great authors. Please sign up for your PostUp account to get more reach, more visibility, and more followers, right away!


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