Thursday, October 07, 2010

Help kids become leaders by sharing this message and make a dream come true with Dreams For Kids!! #charity

I learned about this great non-profit organization for kids today via @warrenwhitlock on amplify, called Dreams for Kids. They are a non-profit organization that empowers at-risk youth and those with disabilities in a leadership curriculum which unites them to their peers and provides them with the tools they need to be active members of their own communities and help solve the world’s most pressing issues.

During the 10 Campaign Dreams for Kids will be raising money to send children to leadership conferences. This campaign is being promoted until the end of the week to help raise money to send kids to these leadership conferences. See the following video and link below for more details and find out how you can donate.

You can use social media such as twitter, facebook, etc and/or text your donation to pledge $10 by texting DREAMS to 85944 on their mobile phones.

10 Campaign Challenge from Dreams for Kids on Vimeo.

Help Kids That Help Others 10 for 10 (via @mjcarter)

My friend Mark J Carter is one of the most amazing social media promoters I know. Continually besting me in our contest of giving.

Really no contest.. he so far outshines what I do.. Here’s on great bit he’s helping on this week.

Helping A Nonprofit Create Leaders

We would love your support and want to make it as easy as possible for you to help (and to spread the word to a few friends).  Here’s what you can do:

Ask 10 of your friends to donate $10 between October 1st and October 10th.  This can be done any way you’d like: via texting, Twitter, Facebook, email, blogging  and more.  You can do it all in one day or you can ask one friend to donate $10 for each of the 10 days.

Read more at tweetnetworking.com

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