Friday, October 01, 2010

Not a very smart way to market global warming...Are you ready to join the campaign?No Pressure here...but...

You just might get blown up if you don't believe in joining the latest global warming campaign propagandists. Are they insane?? This is no way to recruit people to reduce their carbon footprint!! The video shows people, including children getting blown up if they don't want to join the 10:10 global warming cause.

I know these global warming alarmists are against population growth, look at the guy who took the Discovery building hostage a couple weeks ago. This video just goes to show how twisted the minds of environmentalists really are.


Make sure you give the video a thumbs up, so that it gets more visibility, therefore, the unhinged alarmists cannot hide what they have done!

This ridiculous, disgusting movie, in which activists of the 10:10 climate change campaign fantasize about blowing up dissenters, was uploaded and recently self censored, set to private, after they realized how unhinged and insane it makes them look. (

Comrade Morshu ( has re-uploaded it, and asks that you do the same.

To download, copy the url and then go to, or get the Ant Video Downloader for Firefox.

Spread the truth and let the world know just how twisted the minds of some of these environmentalists and global warming alarmists are. This video is almost a form of terrorism or mind control; who are they hoping to reach with this? Anyone with any common sense would see this as a threat and would not want anything to do with anyone who supports this campaign.

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Global Warmers only believe in censoring those who disagree with them
Fanny Armstrong is one seriously hypocritical Global Warmer.

Ms. Armstrong the Director of The Age Of Stupid, a "documentary" that is mostly set in the future and features an actor reading a script, is continuing on her path of being oblivious to the truly hypocritical and deceiving life she leads.

She now runs 10:10 a campaign to persuade people and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. Along with the writer Richard Curtis [Blackadder, Four Weddings, Notting Hill, and many more], she produced a short film that shows children who don't want to take part in the campaign being blown up and their schoolmates being splattered with guts, blood, and gore (with a small g).

It leaves nothing to the imagination and has created a huge amount of revulsion—which is probably what the rich kid media hound wanted. Now Ms. Armstrong says she didn't realize that blowing children up who disagree with your opinion would offend people, so 10:10 has now removed it from their website.

However Ms. Armstrong adds: "We won't be making any attempt to censor or remove other versions currently in circulation on the internet." (her emphasis)

Yeah, nice one. Pretend to be surprised about the response, watch the controversy create a huge interest—then pretend to do the right thing but ensure you get the widest possible audience by not taking your video down from other Youtube channels.

Oh, and as a nice side bonus among your emotionless, elitist friends you retain the coolness of "being against censorship."

Well, Ms. Armstrong you are a hypocrite.

You flew around the world making and promoting the Age of Stupid even though your documentary pointed out that flying was the biggest cause of global warming.

When I tried to ask you questions about this hypocrisy at the New York premier of the Age Of Stupid—you had your goons throw me out, just for asking a question. Of course, you don't agree with censorship.

Then, when I posted a short video exposing your hypocrisy on Youtube you had your lawyers get it taken down because of a bogus claim that we were abusing your copyright. We had to hire lawyers to get our video back up.

So, Ms Armstrong you had no hesitation using lawyers to try and have our videos removed from Youtube—if you really are sorry for producing the video and agree it was a mistake—get those lawyers into action again and get them to have all copies removed.

Or do you only favor censorship against people you disagree with?Read more at

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