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Update:NH Newborn baby girl taken from parents by DCYF for past abuse or political affiliation? #tcot #news #kids

Since last nights post,, it appears the parents have had domestic abuse issues in the past. Apparently the mother is in the process of or has lost custody of two previous children due to multiple abuse/domestic abuse issues in the past by an unnamed 'caretaker', according to DCYF records. Now they have removed the newborn because the father of the child hasn't completed a required court ordered course on "Ending the Violence" per DCYF. The parents haven't made any statements on the past abuse issues and the removal of the other children, along with the father missing the required there may be more to this than what we know. However, does a past history of abuse and affiliation with a 'militia', according to DCYF give the state legal authority to remove the newborn baby from the couple?? This upsets the family bond. Why not place the child with other family nearby?? Has DCYF made an effort to place the child with immediate family or is the baby in foster care?? If the mother was not the one responsible for domestic abuse, why not let her bond with the baby and put a restraining order on the father until he takes the required course??

Hopefully more information will become available soon.

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Couple Say NH Took Newborn, Paperwork Cites Father

State Takes Custody Of Couple's Newborn Girl

CONCORD, N.H. -- A New Hampshire couple said their newborn girl was taken from them by the state because of the father's involvement in a national group that's against unrestrained federal authority. The state says he's accused of hitting the mother and abusing her children.

Stephanie Taylor and Johnathan Irish of Epsom, who protested with others outside of Concord Hospital on Friday, say their baby was taken into custody. Taylor says her two sons were removed from her care in 2009 because of abuse by a caretaker.

Irish denies any abuse. He said court paperwork cited his involvement with the Oath Keepers.Read more at

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