Friday, November 12, 2010

Arizona-Police:Moms's Boyfriend Bit, Punched 2-Year-Old, Killing Him #abuse #parents #kids #childabuse #crime

If this doesn't make you mad I don't know what will. All child abusers, murderers, molesters,&pedophiles should rot in jail/hell and never be given bond, a plea deal or a chance at a better life. Heck in this case he beat and murdered the infant; he should get the death penalty! Forget rehab, these people have no heart or soul. This guy was drunk, knew what he did and tried to cover it up by putting the little boy to bed!

In court documents, Munoz admitted to fatally beating Daniel and instead of calling for help, placing the boy’s body in a bed. Daniel’s 5-year-old sister witnessed the beating, police said.

When Arce found Daniel unresponsive, she ran across the street from her home near 81st Avenue and Indian School Road and called 911.

Daniel was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Homicide detectives were called based on observations by hospital staff and statements by the mother.

Below are details released in the probable cause statements:

* On the night of Daniel’s death, Munoz admitted that, while drunk, he tried to jump over Daniel but fell on him, possibly breaking the boy’s ribs.

* Munoz then bit Daniel in the face out of anger.

* Daniel bit Munoz in the finger most likely because of the pain Munoz was inflicting on Daniel.

* Munoz punched Daniel “really (expletive) hard.”

* Daniel’s 5-year-old sister told police that Munoz held Daniel up against the wall by his throat.

* After the beating, Munoz placed Daniel back in his bed since Arce was at a store nearby.

* When Arce returned, Munoz said he stepped back into Daniel’s room and pointed out to her that something was wrong with him.

* Arce grabbed Daniel and ran across the street to call 911.

* Daniel suffered severe bruising over 80% of his body.

Munoz is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse. His bond is set at $750,000. If he makes bond, he’s not allowed to have contact with anyone under the age of 18.

Read morePolice: Man Bit, Punched 2-Year-Old, Killing Him - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

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