Saturday, November 13, 2010

#parents #kids #abuse Welcome to PervMart.....@Amazon continues to profit on child pornography!!

Here's another sample of some of the perveted materials has been profiting off of on their site. Someone put together this page, 'PervMart', to help expose the selection of books and videos they found on Amazon, which continues to profit off of underage pedophilia materials.

They note that some materials have begun to be removed after outrage over the publishing of a pedophiles guide on kindle,which has now been completely removed. However, there are still quite a few items that need to be removed. It looks to me like Amazon should be fined for caring this type of material, as child pornography is against the law. Makes you wonder how long they have been offering this material and how long they have profited, wonder how much money they have made selling child porn??

In related news, America's Most Wanted will host a show tonight on human/child trafficking in Cambodia. John Walsh will expose the trafficking trade going on in which children from Cambodia and other parts of the world are exposed to, including the US and in the UK.

There are at least 48 countries with high child trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors. There have been 58K kids abducted by non-family members.  In addition, according to the According to National Center for Victims of Crime, 1:6 boys is a victim of childhood sexual abuse, mostly by family members, neighbors and people of authority.  It is probably much higher than that because not all cases are reported and among girls it is 1:4 girls who have been sexually abused while under 18 years of age;according to Pediatric Annual, May 1997 report. This behavior must be stopped and one way of stopping it is by stopping the promotion and production of child porn, exotica and other exploitative materials such as those being sold by Amazon.

Please share this and help ring the alarm that child pornography and companies who support it will not be tolerated! Our children are not for sale!!

Various exploitative materials found on Amazon.
Note: I am seeing things disappear from here hourly. Amazon IS responding to complaints.
MTM DancersLittle Warriors
MTM Dancers

Weird Vietnamese movie for creepy dudes who like to watch young asian boys dance around like Chippendales. Yikes
Little Warriors

More pedophile hits. Russian footage of little boys wrestling. Clearly aimed at the "I've got awesome video games in my baseme...
Little Warriors 2Antonia European Junior Idol
Little Warriors 2

Creepy Russian film series of little boys wrestling.
Antonia European Junior Idol
An hour long examination of a 13 year old girl. Art... Mmmm hmm.
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Why don't you have a seat... Right over there. - PervMart

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