Friday, December 10, 2010

"I remember her saying 'Die' and that she regretted having me,"-Mom Guilty Of Imprisoning Teenage Son

I recall hearing about this case last year. I'm glad to hear the punishment may finally fit the crime. Thank God he was able to escape. I don't know why he was sent to live with her after he turned ten, but why was she allowed to have custody of him after serving time in prison in 2006 after previously killing her two year old child??!! This is an example of the laws against child abusers being too lax, someone who killed a baby previously should never have been set free to parent another child!!

I hope she and her partner in crime both get life in prison!! The poor boy, I hope he gets lots of love and counseling so that he can grow up to be a wonderful father someday!

An Oklahoma City woman charged with locking her teenage son in a closet and beating him has pleaded guilty to multiple child abuse and neglect charges and faces up to life in prison. LaRhonda Marie McCall, 38, made a blind plea, which means there's no deal with prosecutors and she's throwing herself on the mercy of the court, assistant Oklahoma County District Attorney Scott Rowland said Saturday.

The case gained national attention in September 2009 when the now 16-year-old Bernell McCall walked up to a security guard at a National Guard armory about a mile and a half from his home and said he had escaped and needed police.

The boy, now in foster care, was malnourished and covered with scars and bruises. He testified during a preliminary hearing in January that McCall and her friend, co-defendant Steve Hamilton, often bound him with twine, a telephone cord or plastic ties or locked him in a closet for "stealing" food from the family's kitchen.

The abuse happened about four times a week, he told a judge. "Sometimes they would leave me in there for a couple of nights before I got free," he said.
Bernell McCall also testified his mother and Hamilton had choked him until he passed out and that she once doused him with rubbing alcohol and set him ablaze.

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