Thursday, December 09, 2010

UK cuts - wheelchair users are fair game #hcr #tcot #health #news

More rationing of care in the UK for the disabled. Apparently they don't think wheelchair users need a disability living allowance?? They are considered mobile and not necessarily unable to work and participate fully in everyday life;payments will be given to those unable to carry independent lives. The cuts will reduce expenditures and claimants living allowances at least 20%.

This is sad to hear, because I have a sister who is disabled since birth;she has spina-bifida, which is a birth defect that leaves you unable to walk because your spine does not fully develop, she also has hydrocephalus, which causes fluids in the brain to 'leak' so she needs a shunt/tube to help drain the fluids into her stomach, without it she would die.

Although she is mobile and in a wheelchair, she is able to work, but she is unable to live a fully independent life. While she can do quite a bit,she is still unable to drive to and from a job,store, etc. and it is difficult for her to live independently. She is in the process of trying to get a disability license but needs the equipment to convert her car which is expensive and without disability payments she would not be able to afford it. In addition she needs medicines to prevent seizures and bladder infections. She has had extensive medical care growing up, without disability insurance and the assistance of charities,like the Shriners, she may not be here today.

I hope we don't see reductions in health care like this in the US once the costs of government mandated health insurance kicks in. The expected costs are already creating cuts in medicines and care such as the cuts to avastin, a life-saving breast cancer drug and the recent recommendations to have mammogram screenings later in life.

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Wheelchair users may miss out in benefits shake-up

Wheelchair users are among the people likely to be affected.

• A wider range of aids and adaptations will be taken into account in the assessment process, meaning that people who can get about in wheelchairs may be ineligible.


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