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500 birds found dead in Louisiana in addition to Arkansas;did they eat the fish? #tcot #news #health #parents

I posted on this mysterious story yesterday regarding thousands of dead birds and fish found in Arkansas just days apart and a 100 miles apart, now there is confirmation of more dead birds found in Louisiana.

The Game&Fish officials in Arkansas so far claim noise from New Year's Eve fireworks most likely startled the red wing blackbirds while they were roosting;sending them into the air confused&scared causing them to crash into buildings& each other. Scientists say the red wing blackbirds don't normally fly at night because they can't see well. Yet they still haven't verified what fireworks nearby might have scared them and what bacteria may have killed thousands of drum fish in an Arkansas river 100 miles away.

Today biologists are trying to determine what killed more blackbirds in Louisiana and if this incident is related to the bird deaths in Arkansas. Are they going to say fireworks scared &killed the birds in Louisiana too?? What do you think of that theory? What is your theory? Now, I'm not sure if the blackbirds in Arkansas ate the deadly fish,because more birds died in another state...unless they flew to Arkansas for dinner? :-)

LABARRE, La. — State biologists are trying to determine what killed an estimated 500 birds that littered a quarter-mile stretch of highway in Pointe Coupee Parish.

The birds included red-winged blackbirds and starlings.

The birds were found Monday along Louisiana Highway 1, about 300 miles south of Beebe, Ark., where more than 3,000 blackbirds fell from the sky three days earlier. Authorities say examinations showed those birds suffered internal injuries that formed deadly blood clots.

Louisiana state biologists are sending some of the birds found at Labarre to laboratories in Georgia and Wisconsin for testing.


Arkansas:How safe is your family??Video Update:Thousands of Dead Birds&Fish

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