Monday, January 24, 2011

Christianphobia on the rise...not Islamophobia #religion #Christianity #prolife

 A pro-choice,anti-Christian group posts 'God raped Mary' signs outside a Christian church;now the pastor wants police to investigate the incident as a hate crime against Christians. 

Youth for Christ is hoping Winnipeg police will find whoever is responsible for posting small placards that state "God raped Mary" on wooden walls around its Centre for Youth Excellence development during the Christmas season.
"I had thought it's specifically an attack against Youth for Christ. I'm not convinced of that now. I think it is an attack against Christianity," John Courtney, the organization's executive director, said Wednesday. "If this were any religion other than Christianity, it would quickly be labelled a hate crime."
Courtney said the "pretty low" posters - depicting the biblical figures Mary on a donkey led by husband Joseph to a women's health clinic - make a pro-choice statement on abortion, and are signed by "Youth Against Christ" on the several he has seen and photographed.
"This was a very poor choice for a pro-choice group to try to get their message out, by even suggesting all Christians are against pro-choice. That's a wrong assumption," he said, noting the posters - possibly dozens of them - appeared to have been erected a few days before Christmas around a core-area church as well.
"And targeting Christmas services with 'God raped Mary,' and, 'Youth against Christ,' crosses a line of being appropriate."

Hate crimes against Christians and Jews  are on the rise around the world;yet you hear more about 'Islamophobia' in the news. In addition, many pro-choice individuals are non-believers and support abortion. For anyone to say that God raped the Virgin Mary is ridiculous and offensive to Christians, who believe Jesus was conceived through Immaculate conception by the Holy Spirit,but it also represents the rise in what I call 'Christianphobia' hate crimes.

Those who believe God raped the Virgin Mary are demeaning the beliefs of millions of Christians and giving justification to abort a baby, since many pro-choice, pro-abortion believers support aborting a baby in cases of rape and incest. Despite the fact that woman who conceive due to rape or incest is only around 1% of victims. Our country and other democratic countries, like Canada, excel in human rights because we have freedom of religion. This kind of disregard and criticism of ones religion is a form of hate and persecution. Those who don't believe should not ridicule those who are believers by degrading the religion and faith that the majority of the country believes in. Freedom of religion is a right in countries like the United States and Canada that we must protect at all times and denounce any insults or persecution of others religious beliefs. At the same time Christianity, unlike Islam, is a religion of Christ and is not politicized by an ideology that tries to control and manipulate followers & and does not threaten non-followers to convert.


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