Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Member Severely Beats 11-Yr Old After His Friend Rapes Her!! #parents #kids #abuse

How despicable and depraved can people get. According to the news report, this guy raised this girl since she was an infant. Who knows how many times he abused her before and gave her alcohol to the point where she lost consciousness. In this incident he claims to have caught his friend raping the 11 year old girl, then sent her to her room after punching or threatening the friend with a gun. He then hit her so hard she lost consciousness or was so intoxicated that she didn't know what happened to her. She spent six days in intensive care from the beating he subjected her to. What makes this story even worse is this guy was a known gang member,had a history of arrests for domestic violence and child abuse yet they let him raise her!!

While being interviewed, officers say the victim couldn't sit up straight and complained of a lot of pain. She was swollen and had bruises all over her body.

The victim was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital, where she spent 6 days in the ICU -- recovering from a liver laceration, a right adrenal gland hemorrhage, an acute 11th rib fracture, a concussion, an acute vaginal injury, and multiple bruises.
The victim told police that Gary would frequently give her alcohol.

The friend told officers that Gary gave shots of alcohol to the victim before the alleged sexual assault took place.

A Child Protective Services report confirms that Gary gave the victim alcohol in the past. Her blood alcohol level was .033 -- which was taken more than 8 hours after police were called and more than 14 hours after the victim went to bed.

Police say due to the amount of alcohol she consumed, she was unconscious during the sexual assault and has no knowledge of the incident.

Thankfully this creep is in jail and hopefully stays their a long, long time, like forever would be nice!!

Read the full story here

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