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Second Grade Children Caught in Sexual Acts....Imitating 'Skin' or Reality MTV?? #parents #kids #tcot #education

The ensemble cast of MTV's stateside version of popular British series 'Skins' features unknowns.
Courtesy of MTV
The ensemble cast of MTV's stateside version of popular 
British series 'Skins' features unknowns.

I came across this today and was not only disgusted but shocked to hear that an elementary teacher would allow this to go on, but then again in today's society where children are constantly being bombarded with sexualized advertising, television, clothing and marketing it is not all that surprising.

If you haven't already heard about the new MTV series out called 'Skin', then you have been living under a rock, but this program glamorizes teen drug and alcohol use along with sexualizes teens by showing them in compromising positions or nude! The majority of the teens in the new reality based show are under 18, with the youngest being 15.  The Parents Television Council is asking the US Senate and House Judiciary Committees and the Department of Justice to investigate MTV and the producers for promoting child pornography because they feel they have crossed the line. I tend to agree. Here is an edited clip of 'Skin' actors discussing the new reality show on MTV:

MTV insists the show is rated for 'mature audiences' and comes on at 10pm, but that doesn't stop teens from watching it, especially teens who have limited if any parent supervision. This kind of media has taken over television networks and advertising in the last 20years. I remember growing up seeing very little nudity, let alone kissing and drug use on television. Now you hear adults using profanity such as 'crap,damn and ass' as if it's every day language and the norm for children/teen viewing. While many of us may have heard those words once or twice growing up it was not the norm in our daily lives and it was not on television on a daily or weekly basis like it is now. In addition, if this 'teen' show is not for teens why are they exploiting minors for adult audiences?? The last thing we need is to encourage pedophilia in our country, as it is acceptable in some Muslim and European countries.

This incident,which happened this past week, at a public school in Oakland,CA is just another example of what happens to our culture and society when sex acts, drug use, alcohol use, homosexuality and profanity become acceptable on television and in movies. If we as adults don't do more to stand against this type of solicitation of our children they will grow up thinking this is the norm and that we are just closed minded and uptight adults overreacting. But, this is how a generation gets indoctrinated to believe otherwise and this is how our society is slowly losing it's Judeo-Christian values.
Things like this do not happen in a healthy society. There is something seriously wrong when children and those appointed to guide the children behave in ways that defy anything near normal human instincts and behavior. Things like this take place in a culture that has grown twisted and crippled from an entrenched, infiltrating, oozing, putrescent gangrenous, sociological infection.
From CBS San Francisco:
OAKLAND (CBS 5) — A teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts on each other in class – with the teacher present.
Flint said the sex acts incident was one of two separate cases under investigation involving the teacher; both incidents occurred last week in the same classroom but he said they didn’t come to the attention of school officials until Wednesday.
Will this get it through some thick heads, that it is NOT a good idea to over-sexualize small children? Maybe we should rethink the porn on MTV — by kiddies and for kiddies — and the slutty pop stars on Sesame Street?
Or here’s a bright idea. Maybe the idea of handing kids “safe sex kits” complete with condoms and fruit-flavored lubricant isn’t working out all that well after all.


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