Monday, January 03, 2011

Video Update:Thousands of Deads Birds&Fish in Arkansas:How safe is your family?? #parents #kids #health

Arkansas wildlife officials still don't know what caused the death of over 2,000 red wing black birds in over a one mile radius in Arkansas on New Years Day. Wildlife officials are examining the birds for toxicity, but say they died of blunt trauma from the fall to the ground. They speculate lightening, hail, New Year's eve fireworks in the area, or something else scared them and caused them to fly off scared and confused causing them to crash to the ground and fall to their death. However, EPA clean up crews are dressed in gas masks with safety gear on. Makes you wonder how safe those living in the area are??

In addition to the recent discovery of thousands of dead birds, there were also thousands of dead fish found in the nearby Arkansas river a day before, but officials so far believe the deaths are unrelated and believe the drum fish died from a bacteria. They do not believe the water is polluted or other fish species would have been found dead, but what caused one species of fish and birds to both die suddenly remains a mystery and potential threat to humans. In the meantime, the Arkansas Game and Wildlife and the EPA haven't issued any warnings to the citizens nearby, and fishing hasn't been banned, yet they are wearing protective gear?

My theory, maybe the red wing black birds ate some of the infected fish?? But, what kind of bacteria only infected one species of fish and what kind of birds only eat one species of fish?? What do you think about this mystery? Do you think the EPA and local officials should issue any health warnings to people living in the areas affected?? Would you feel safe? Here's more on the story:

Dead Birds

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Dead Fish:

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