Thursday, January 06, 2011

Vegas:Accident Victim's Mother Angry With Police;child in a coma ticketed for jaywalking! #parents #kids #tcot

Wow, this is something I just randomly came ridiculous for Vegas police to fine the mother for jay-walking while her child is in a coma! Have they found who ran her over and ticketed or arrested them for wreckless driving?? I always heard the pedestrian always has the right of way;even if they are not in the cross-walk?? I agree with this poster:

I totally agree with the mother. For Pete's sake, is Vegas that hard up financially that they must issue a ticket for that? I was hit by a car (while jay-walking) when I was ten years old and had serious facial/dental injuries, and I wasn't ticketed. As a matter of fact, the guy who hit me was cited for speeding. The authorities in this girl's case have lost their common sense when they issued the citation when the poor girl is seriously hurt at the moment. I'd say, drop it and move on! Don't you have drunks and prostitutes to deal with there in 'Sin City'?

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