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Police:Stepmom gave antifreeze to kids&kills 3&4yro siblings to have 'less responsibility' #abuse #parents #prolife #prochoice

This is one of the most sick,sad and horrific examples of child abuse and torture I have read in awhile, outside of the debates I have had recently with the prochoice/proabort people on twitter. Some of them would say these kids would have been better off aborted. I disagree, at least they had a chance to live, see a sunset, smile, have friends, and be loved. I'm sure there are many friends and family members who are mourning their loss and short lives daily. Sadly their lives ended in a tragic way, but I doubt all three and four tender years of their young lives were not entirely surrounded in abuse&pain. At least I would like to think someone at some point in their sweet, precious lives cared for them, hugged and loved them at some time. I know God did and does, and that is what matters most. Now they are safely guarded in Heaven at His side. For those who don't believe in the after life,I pray one day you will find God because you have nothing to fear but fear itself&will only gain eternal life.

As for the kind of people who poisoned these precious children with anti-freeze, the so called 'step-mom' and her 'common-law' husband, are not even worth the air they breath. I have said it before, and I will say it again-anyone who treats another human being with this little respect and has this little regard for any life should be punished to the full extent of the law, even if it includes the death penalty. I am prolife, but I am also for capital punishment against the worst and most heinous people on earth, which I barely see as human because they are so heartless and disrespectful of others lives that they disregard them like trash and throw them into a dump or poison them to death just because they are tired of their 'responsibilities'. That is the worst! Crimes against children such as this are the absolute most appalling because they are so young, unable to defend themselves and are in your care for protection, nurturing and love.

I have debated many men and women recently on twitter who stand by their choice and 'right' to abort a baby, a human fetus, because they don't want to carry the baby to term and will ultimately say 'nobody has the right to live in their womb!' Where is their maternal instinct??? It is ludicrous, heartless and mindless the logic of some of these people. I'm ashamed to call them human, they are heartless and often brainless and show no respect nor regard for human life and how we are created. Prochoicers would rather see the baby, or in this case, the children as trash, they dehumanize them and see them as an inconvenience.

(02-14) 11:34 PST Mobile, Ala. (AP) --

A detective says an Alabama woman told a fellow jail inmate she poisoned her two stepchildren with antifreeze in an attempt to reduce responsibilities for herself and her common-law husband.

Mobile Detective Angela Prine testified Monday that Heather Leavell-Keaton admitted the poisonings to another inmate while confined at the Mobile County jail.

She told the inmate that she and common-law husband John DeBlase wanted the children dead because "it would be better if they had less responsibilities," the detective said

At a previous hearing, investigators had said Leavell-Keaton told them DeBlase fed rat poison to the children.

Prine's testimony came in a preliminary hearing on capital murder charges against the 22-year-old stepmother.

Leavell-Keaton's attorney, Richard Horne, said she is functionally blind and not capable of some the things she's accused of doing. But Circuit Judge Rick Stout found probable cause to send the case to the grand jury.

The two children were reported missing in November. The body of 3-year-old Chase DeBlase was found near Vancleave, Miss., on Dec. 8 and the body of 4-year-old Natalie DeBlase was found near Citronelle three days later. Their father is jailed on murder charges.

Prine testified that jail inmate Roseanna Russell was assigned to help Leavell-Keaton because of her blindness and the defendant began talking to her about the case. The detective said Russell learned the couple first poisoned their dog with antifreeze "to find out how long it would take to kill a living thing." Then they started giving antifreeze to the children, who got progressively sicker.

Natalie died March 4, 2010, and they dumped her body, the detective said. They stopped poisoning Chase for a few months but started back because he began crying and asking for his sister in front of others, she testified.

Chase died June 20. On the way to dump his body in Mississippi, they stopped at a video game store to buy two games because they no longer had the responsibilities of the children, the detective said.

If convicted of capital murder, Leavell-Keaton could be executed or sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Police: Stepmom admits giving antifreeze to kids

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