Monday, March 21, 2011

Exposing the hypocrisy,slander and lies of #prochoice on twitter #prolife #tcot

More Prochoice/proabort advocates trying to slander me on twitter today by insinuating in tweets that I said, I 'justified' the murder of a former abortionist Dr. Tiller. When in fact as you can see in the tweet below I did not say that his murder was justified and was pointing out the fact that he performed late term abortions,after the third trimester, on women without any medical reason;such as to save the life of the mother.

I sent @RealtinConnor the following tweet last night:

Then another prolife friend/follower, @tech1959, apparently retweeted my tweet and @RealtinConnor replied to him with this, in an attempt to condemn him&insinuate he also felt Dr Tiller's death was 'justified' since he retweeted [shared] my tweet, in which I did NOT say anything implying the murder of Dr Tiller was 'justified'.:

As everyone knows on twitter, a retweet[share] doesn't necessarily equal an endorsement or mean that you agree with the tweet and the content of a link in full or at all, but that you felt it was something worth sharing with others. However, prochoice/proabort advocate '@RealtinConnor' likes to slander people on twitter by sharing the link edited with his own words and then linking to my tweet with his bias comments:

He then continues to harass&debate @tech1959, for retweeting my link and asking him to denounce me.

UPDATE:Here is the rest of the debate that ensued between @tech1959 and @RealtinConnor after I shared the above tweet,which highlights the parts where Realtin Connor specifically says I said/tweeted Tiller's murder was justified:

So basically as you can see from the history of tweets, @RealtinConnor,or 'fake Jesus' I like to call him, insinuated I 'justified' the murder of abortionist Dr Tiller and then sensationalized it on twitter by using his own deceptive words linking to my tweet. He deceived others and made it look like I said what he claimed, when in fact it was false, causing more of his proabort clan to retweet his lie.

This is very vindictive and telling how low the prochoice/proabort advocates will go in order to defend the indefensible. They have no integrity, and play word games, or outright lie to try and get their point across while deceiving others. I guess you can't expect much from a group that says a fetus isn't a human being or say a fetus is a 'parasite' and 'the host' has every right to remove 'it'. It just goes to show how desperate they are and how little facts they really have. They will do and say anything to smear prolife advocates.

Here is a site that claims to expose the 'prolife hypocricy' on twitter;yet they conveniently&deceptively leave out the full story&the truth regarding the prolife conversation and stance:

The site 'prolife hypocrisy' in its attempt to ' expose hypocrisy' ends up repeating the lie and then denying what the article I shared states:

The reports also show that of the 192 late term abortions on healthy babies performed in 2008—98 percent on women from out of state--none were performed for a legitimate “medical emergency.”

Every single late-term abortion involved a temporary mental health diagnosis, made, of course, by Tiller, who is no one’s idea of a mental health expert.

Thus this is my response to the harassment, lies and slander that is perpetuating on twitter today against me as the proaborts/prochoice 'advocates' continue to retweet and repeat the lies of @RealtinConnor. I wonder when and if any of them will denounce these lies and deceptive practices?? Although, I highly doubt it, lies are what got Roe V Wade past in the first place!

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