Monday, March 21, 2011

Miracle Baby; born with foot in brain! #prolife #parents #kids #health

This is a few years back, but it just goes to show you miracles can happen. A parent may get a possible terminal diagnosis of their unborn baby;yet with modern medicine parents can now have doctors perform surgery in the womb. In this case the mother was far enough in her pregnancy they decided to induce her and deliver the baby early after finding a tumor in his brain, which turned out to be a foot! After surgery, their child is alive and well and thriving developmentally with little concern for future problems.

So next time you get a dire diagnosis or ultrasound and think there is no hope and that the baby is better off aborted to avoid suffering, think of this case and always err on the side of life. Abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary situation!

In addition, not all ultrasounds and amnio tests are 100% accurate. I chose not to get the amnio tests with my sons, even though there was a small risk of them getting spina-bifida since my younger sister has it, but I didn't want to take the risk of having the aspiration cause an infection and threaten my son's life.

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