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Simple blood test to detect Down's syndrome cuts miscarriage risk #prolife #parents #health #tcot

I just hope the more modern our medicine and technology gets less people will use it for wrong. We have 3D&4D ultrasound abilities now yet the pro-choice/abort movement tries to block any ultrasound and heartbeat legislation to try and inform women they are caring a human being in them, not just a blob of cells.

However, many pro-choice advocates continue to try and block this modern technology from being used to defend the indefensible. Now we have modern ways of detecting Down's Syndrome and other illnesses,defects like spina-bifida. Yet some still choose abortion as an option even though advanced surgery is available to fix the spine or to prevent miscarriage, such as in Down's Syndrome cases. Some people are so concerned about having the 'perfect baby' they abort because they didn't want twins, triplets or a girl or boy via IVF. This is when modern medicine is used for wrong and abortion should never be a legal option.

Scientists have developed a simple blood test to check unborn children for Down's syndrome, which would save pregnant women from undergoing invasive examinations that risk losing their baby.

Researchers in Cyprus have identified the key DNA difference responsible for Down's syndrome, reports the Daily Express.

Infants with Down's syndrome, which is characterised by severe physical and mental impairments, have an extra copy of Chromosome 21.

As DNA can cross the placenta from the baby to the mother, the blood test looks for chemical differences and extra chromosomes-a telltale defect in unborn babies.

Philippos Patsalis, of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, "The method is simple and fast and easy to perform in every genetic diagnostic lab worldwide because it does not require expensive equipment, software or special infrastructure."

"Such a non-invasive approach will avoid the risk of miscarriages of normal pregnancies caused by current, more invasive pro-cedures," he added.

Their findings have been published the medical journal Nature Medicine. (ANI)

Simple blood test to detect Down's syndrome cuts miscarriage risk

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