Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Powerful Video for all to see&share!We only have one life;make the loving choice! #parents #teens #kids #prolife #prochoice

I came across this video on twitter today and thought it was well done and realistic depiction of what many women must suffer after making the life changing decision to abort their offspring. Once you make that 'choice' you can't turn back time;the clock can not be turned back. The child you abort is a real human being, who through no fault of their own was conceived and created by natural reproduction. Whether a woman is raped or forgot to take her pill or her mate didn't use a condom or it failed, the child conceived is innocent and deserves a chance to live and grow in the safety of the mother's womb.

If you truly do not want your child then let them go and give someone a newborn to adopt. Newborn babies do not sit around in orphanages, they are in high demand. People who adopt usually have money to raise a child and are wanting a child. Children in orphanages or foster care are often older and unable to be adopted due to court proceedings, reunification plans and the age of the child, as well as attachment issues. Not to say there aren't older children who are adopted, but there is never a reason to abort a child who would be easily adopted at birth by loving and caring parents.

In the end, most women choose to keep their child whether they have been raped or not. The mother-child bond cannot be broken once you hold your child in your arms. The woman in this video does an amazing job depicting the anguish many women feel after an abortion, why lose your chance at motherhood because you 'made a mistake'. The mistake you will live with the rest of your life will most likely be your abortion,not your child.

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