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#parents #kids #prolife Boy In Maine Mystery IDd As Camden Pierce Hughes-RIP

Such a sad and tragic end to a short life. How any mother can take the life of her own offspring in or out of the womb is beyond me. She cared for 6yrs of his life, gave birth to him and carried him in her womb for nine months and for unknown reasons decided to murder him with an overdose of cough syrup. Hard to believe nobody noticed him missing or asked where he was. It's not clear what she was doing in Maine where his body was found disposed of along a dirt road wrapped in a blanket over the weekend.

How sad that a mother would just dispose of their child like a piece of garbage like this. Again, this is the inhumanity of a culture of death that allows the murder of human beings in the womb and then disposes of them like medical waste. It's not surprising women who think they can dispose of their offspring in the womb would lead to women taking the life of their born offspring. May God bless little Camden and help him understand why his mother did this to him. May God judge her justly for her sin and may the law and justice put her away for life, if not given the death penalty.

Camden Pierce Hughes (photo courtesy: Facebook)

Camden Pierce Hughes (photo courtesy: Facebook)

CONCORD (CBS) – A boy found dead in Maine Saturday has been identified as 6-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes of Texas. WBZ-TV was first to break the news Wednesday afternoon.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports. [See Video]

His mother, Juli McCrery of Irving, Texas, is in Massachusetts State Police custody in Concord and has confessed to giving her son an overdose of cough syrup that resulted in his death, sources tell WBZ-TV.

See: Boy’s Family, Maine Residents React

“We were together for two years, but I’ve known (the boy) since the day he was born,” said Robert Miller, McCrery’s ex-boyfriend who also lives in Irving, Texas. “He was a very nice boy. He was an innocent boy.”

Web Extra: Juli McCrery Leaves State Police Barracks

Camden Pierce Hughes’s body was discovered in South Berwick, Maine over the weekend, wrapped in a blanket next to a dirt road. During a news conference at the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Concord, a state police spokesperson said that the case has been referred to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

Source: CBS Boston

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