Wednesday, October 05, 2011

After abortion is criminalized;will abortion end? #prolife #prochoice #humanrights

I responded yesterday on twitter to @bronwynvavugt regarding her question regarding abortion and what does a vote to end abortion mean? See her blog response below:

How do you end abortion without criminalizing it? Posted on October 3, 2011 That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? But if you think the way to end abortion is to make it illegal and walk away, then may I ask you: did the Prohibition work? I recently tweeted about the amazing 180 video. Well worth the watch. I had a question, however: What does “vote to end abortion” mean? Will a vote to make abortion illegal actually “end abortion”? A fellow tweeter responded: “It might not stop women from getting an abortion, but it will make it criminal and punishable by law.”

Well, yee-haw! Crime and punishment, oh boy! So I asked: “What is it you want, to end abortion, or to make criminals and punish them?” To all politically right-wing pro-lifers, I ask you the same question. Which do you want? They are two totally different things. She responded by asking what I want–fair enough–and how I think abortion can be ended without criminalizing it. As inconvenient as it may be, the answer to that question simpy cannot be contained in 140 characters, nor can it be contained in a blog post. It is, however, a good question, and so, I share my preliminary thoughts. Ending abortion must begin by creating a society that supports women in the act of bearing children. This means everything from providing basic healthcare (both to the mother and to the child) to monetary and social support for raising a child, to making sure that women will have equal opportunities in their career whether or not they choose to have a child.
Read more at her blog:
How do you end abortion without criminalizing it?
Today she responded to me via twitter with the above post. We are both on the side of protecting human life,however she seems to believe it is an extremist view to criminalize abortion. I responded with the following and am awaiting her approval on her blog, but thought I would go ahead and post this topic here since it is a worthwhile question and discussion. This also leads me to also ask, after abortion is criminalized; will abortion end?
Here is my response:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and views. Sadly, the only way to ensure we are a country of law and order is to make laws against killing other human beings. Sure, some women might still risk their lives&self abort,but as before Roe v Wade many women chose to abstain. Birth control pills and abortions have made it easier for women to say yes to sex and no to motherhood. Over half of abortions occur because the woman's birth control failed and because she consented to sex. 98% of abortions,according to the CDC and Guttmacher statistics, show that the majority of women because they don't feel like giving birth,raising a child yet,etc choose abortion. Therefore, the abortions are not medically necessary,but elective and intentional killing. Sadly, 60% of women/teens are coerced into abortion by family,friends,boyfriends,husbands,etc. [according to statistics found at]
I think we won't end abortion until everyone learns to respect human life and is educated in the scientific fact that human life begins at conception and that the abortion issue is a human rights issue. Without the right to life we do not have any human rights. Once a woman conceives she is pregnant,told to take care of herself,take prenatal vitamins,get regular prenatal checkups,eat well, etc for the health of the mother and the baby. Yet, too many women who resort to abortion are lied to by abortionists like Planned Parenthood who tells them abortion is simply a medical procedure that terminates a pregnancy,removes a blob of cells and empties their uterus. Many women have been lied to and continue to be lied to and come to regret their abortion because they know they have ended another human beings life.
I would not say 'right wing extremists' are the only ones who believe abortion should be made illegal and criminalized but many believe that when someone takes the life of another human being,such as murder,feticide,etc. the person or accomplice in the taking of that life should be charged with a crime. If you don't criminalize unjust and inhumane behavior you are allowing it to go unpunished and without consequence and enable it. Sure, people might still abort,just as people still kill others and abuse their children,but we must have laws to protect all human life and defend their right to exist. The unborn,disabled,children,the elderly are most vulnerable in society,yet we are allowing them to be killed because their mother doesn't feel like having a child yet.[see my recent post on this topic here: ]
People need to be held accountable for their actions,especially when 98% of abortions are elective and due to consensual sex. Children are not mistakes, planned or unplanned, they must all be protected by law from the moment of conception.
Criminalizing abortion has nothing to do with being 'righteous' nor wanting to control someone's life,but about human rights and allowing everyone the right to be born&protecting that life. I agree we need to support programs that try to help women provide for their child and support crisis pregnancy centers,etc and make more women aware of the help that is available, especially when women often feel like they have no other choice. Parents of teens need to teach self respect and personal responsibility,handing out condoms and telling them to be safe is not enough. They need to teach abstinence,personal responsibility and respect for human life from womb to tomb because we all started out in our mother's womb.
Finally,women are given more opportunities to work and raise children. More women are actually making more than men in many positions in society. [see this link:] Women are no longer the ones who stay home and raise the kids, men are taking a more active role and are more involved with child rearing. Women are not just 'incubators' like the prochoice movement likes to describe those who choose life,but we are able to have careers or stay at home and raise our children. It is a fallacy to think otherwise. Sorry for such a long reply..but as you said 140 wasn't enough to discuss this topic&there never will be a one size fits all solution, but we must protect all life even if we have to criminalize those who should be nurturing life.

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