Sunday, January 29, 2012

Religious Rights Under Attack:Bishops Letter That Was Read To Almost Every Catholic Sitting In Church Today #tcot #prolife #Catholic #Christian

The Obama administration has once again decided to ignore our Constitution and has recently passed a requirement that violates the religious freedom and rights of millions of Catholics and Christians in this country.

They are requiring Catholic hospitals and Christian employers to provide health insurance which covers controversial treatments such as: sterilization, abortion pills, and to subsidize contraception, all of which violate the religious beliefs of many practicing Catholics and Christians. Until now conscience protections have been respected and granted and medical professionals to pharmacists have been able to opt-out of providing such services or products to their clientele, but now these services must be required by employers of these religious organizations or those who practice their faith. Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services under the Obama administration also repealed a long standing law that protected the conscience rights of doctors and nurses which allowed them to object to providing services such as abortion.

Below is a copy of the letter read to the Diocese of Marquette. Many Bishops across the country have written and passed on letters similar to the one below to stand up for religious conscience protections.

Listen to a medical professional pleading for his right to continue to save lives without being forced to harm and kill:

Remember, "Health Care Heals Not Kills"...we must protect and defend the religious rights of our brave medical professionals and religious institutions to maintain quality health care and to defend the ultimate rights of every human being; our inalienable right to life. Religious freedom is one of our first rights protected in the Constitution. Our founders obviously knew that this right was most important in protecting the conscience of each American. Religious beliefs are what makes us who we are and often those who believe in a supreme being, the majority of Americans, believe in the right to life and liberty which our government do not give us but must protect. Whether you are religious or not, you must stand up for our Constitutional rights, because without our right to life and the freedom to protect our life and liberty we are enslaved and controlled by government morals&laws that often ignore science&individuality and in result human dignity is lost, along with human lives and rights.

Please share this and help stand up for and defend all of our Constitutional rights to religious freedom and protection.

From a friend on twitter: @Beatidude: Fight back against Obama's war on religious freedom! #ProLife #tcot #Christian #Faith

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