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GOP Botching The Presidential Election? It's Time To Hit the Target!

Guest Post By: Donna Galloway It’s been clear to conservatives that this is the most important election of our time and based on Obama’s presidency, by all rights it should be an easy win. All we had to do is pick a candidate and sadly we can’t even do that.

The establishment picked their next in line which is Romney and has done everything in their power hungry way to promote that he is the inevitable candidate. Why? Because they say so.  It doesn’t matter that the majority of the party doesn’t want Romney. He is the inevitable candidate because they say. Anybody but Obama is supposed to mean, stop fighting the establishment and vote for the chosen establishment candidate.  Romney’s got the money right and all the campaign staff that money can buy, doesn’t he? Reality, Romney and the establishment will not be able to buy the general election.  Spending the kind of money that his campaign is spending for attack ads isn’t very conservative. So why claim that he is a conservative? Because they know that a conservative is what the majority want.

What are conservatives doing? We’re screwing it up! We wanted Palin because she shared our values, she wasn’t establishment and she had the numbers to win.  She encouraged Organize4Palin to organize on her behalf, she would speak of her plan and say such things as “we candidates”, but then the dreadful day came that she announced she wasn’t running. All that hard work went down the drain and sent her supporters in a tizzy.

The Newt campaign seized the opportunity by contacting every state leader at Orgainize4Palin, ultimately the things that happened destroyed the very large organization. Palin supporters were split into 2 groups, those that couldn’t accept her decision and those that did.  Emotions were high and long time friendships ended, bonds broken. Why is this relevant to this election? It’s relevant because United We Stand, Divided We Fall. The very large Palin voting block was divided and we fell.

The Earthquake movement began, those faithful Palin supporters who wouldn’t and couldn’t accept that she said no. With heartfelt emotions and good intentions they hoped, prayed and worked to change her mind. To this day they fight for her to become President, even risking going to the convention in hopes that she will get in there. Failing to accept her own words, failing to accept that if the process lasts until we go to the convention that the establishment will make sure their chosen candidate is the nominee. Romney will be chosen by default. Will common sense prevail?

Common sense isn’t so common in politics, not by the politicians and clearly not by those that follow them. On rare occasions you get to see those rare people who simply don’t fall into the emotional pitfall and look at things logically. Youth For Palin did that, instead of leaping on a bandwagon as many others did, they vetted all the candidates. Their vetting process was done out in the open for all to see.  On my own I did the same, I avoided Palin groups because I saw the ugliness that was happening on the majority of them. The in fighting, former friends calling each other trolls. A once strong movement falling apart.
Soon people were choosing other candidates, though the Palin loyalist would not give up on their hope that she would somehow magically become President. Some moved to Bachmann, Cain and Perry quickly, but then switched when their chosen candidate dropped out. Sadly, there are some supporters that are on their  3rd or even 4th choice of a candidate.  People wanted a hero, in some ways I think that became an unrealistic fantasy, nobody can truly live up to the expectations. Perfection doesn’t exist, it never has. Even George Washington wasn’t perfect and I’m sure if we lived in his time we would criticize him for one thing or another as we do the candidates today.  We’ve deluded ourselves into creating heroes in some that don’t deserve the honor or knit picking at another because he didn’t come riding up on a white horse to save the day and he’s just not perfect.

This campaign has been uglier than it ever had to be, all we had to do was vet the candidates with a clear sound mind and promote them. We didn’t need the disgusting attacks on levels, we didn’t need the blind Obot like worship. We’ve shown ourselves to be no better than the liberals. And now we have this conservative split that may destroy our country.  I’m disgusted by conservatives, I’m disgusted by people I used to respect who seem to think it is acceptable to dish dirt and attack the supporters of another candidate. If you have the “anything goes to win” mentality then I am ashamed to have ever worked with you.  It’s one thing for politicians to behave that way, it’s quite another for us to wallow in the mud with them.

 How can we save this election? For one we can stop bashing each other and each others candidates with ridiculous accusations. We can accept that our own candidates are flawed, we can put our emotions aside and look at logistics. Because make no mistake if this nonsense doesn’t stop then Romney, who none of us want will be the nominee. And the reason I fear that the most is that if that happens the chances for Obama being re-elected increases. Romney will not be able to buy the general election, all his money isn’t a match for the money of the Obama machine. We need more than money to beat him, we need a candidate who is completely the opposite of Obama.

Some think that is Newt, but instead of campaigning for him all they are doing is bashing Santorum and his supporters. That’s not going to help Newt win the nomination, that will in fact help Romney because Santorum is the front runner with Romney. Take him out and Romney wins.  If Newt had the support to beat Romney, he would be the front-runner. Some say that he would be the best to beat Obama, when clearly facts don’t support that. If it were true, he would be in contention to beat Romney.  The smartest guy in the room had a chance and he surged twice, but couldn’t maintain the support. Instead of bashing anybody please look and find out why that is, because frankly it’s not just because of the attacks.

The attacks worked on Cain, they were to much for him and he dropped out. Newt has been attacked by the Romney machine and managed to come back twice, only to fall again. Why is that? It’s not just because he was attacked. Santorum is proving that. Santorum has been attacked by the Romney, Paul and Newt camps and he still hasn’t lost the support that others lost. He has dropped a point here and there and then risen back up.  Why? Not because he is perfect, no Santorum isn’t perfect, but he obviously has something that other candidates haven’t had and obviously has less baggage than the others.

Respected conservative names have given Santorum support. Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh have all voiced their support of his candidacy and of his conservatism. Sarah Palin has spoken well of him. Though it is true that she has in some cases pushed Newt, but she hasn’t endorsed Newt. She has refuses to make an endorsement.  If Santorum is this bad guy that the opposition is trying to make him out to be, why would these respected conservatives speak so highly of him? Why would Michelle Malkin who is known for digging into the truth endorse him?

So you want Ron Paul who can’t win or Newt Gingrich who could have won, but ultimately couldn’t hold the level of support to do just that. Well, you can’t always get what you want. I wanted Sarah Palin to run, but you don’t always get what you want. Santorum is our last best chance to beat Romney and then Obama. That is just the logical fact based on the numbers and not my emotional will. It’s reality!

Editor's Note:this is a guest post,the thoughts&ideas expressed may or may not represent Little Bytes News or my opinion,but I wanted to offer Donna a place to share her views during this election season.

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