Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012-What Motherhood Means To Me

A few thoughts on Mother's Day weekend...

What Motherhood Means To Me

A Mother's job is never done....
you don't get paid with cash or checks,
but you are repaid in hugs& kisses
Smiles& tears will fill your days,
but nothing can replace the importance of a mother's role.
Without mothers none of us would exist,
without mothers our lives would feel incomplete,
without mothers we seek...
We seek love,we seek strength, we seek hope.
Mothers are the wind in our sails,
they pick us up when we fail,
Mothers are unconditional love and give us life.
Mothers are strong women,
compassionate& nurturing,but most of all...
Mothers are what makes us who we are& who we become.
By Patty Garza
May 11,2012
mysignature-1.png©2008-2012 Patricia Garza

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