Tuesday, May 29, 2012

URGENT:Are 'Bath Salts' The New LSD&Are Your Kids At Risk??

If you haven't heard the reports of this horrific crime&the insane actions of a drug crazed man, you must read this and watch the video reports below.

Victim Ronald Poppo, 65, is in critical condition at
Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center

31-year-old Rudy Eugene
was shot four times before he died after refusing to stop the attack

This past weekend a homeless man's face was 75% eaten off in Florida by a crazed naked man, who police believe was on a mixture of toxic drugs, also known as a new    form of LSD, or 'Bath Salts'.    
Warning:Disturbing content;not graphic,but graphic in nature

A similar occurrence happened in Denver in July 2011, in which a man fought off several police officers&eight zookeepers, after biting an officer&zoo employee. They had to use a taser on him,until he began having convulsions, then attempted CPR, but he later died. His girlfriend claims he had heat stroke, but I never heard of anyone reacting like this with heat stroke. Like the case in Florida over the weekend, this man also became aggressive& violent and required several men to hold him down and finally tase him.

Tonight I learned of another incident which a man cut out his entrails in front of police and then threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them. I am not sure if he was on the same substance,but it goes to show how depraved our society has become when people act out like this and use hallucinogenics to escape reality.

Thanks to @RobertThompson via G+ for sharing the 20/20 video below, which talks about the dangers&the deaths of teens who have used this lethal drug, which is still legal in some states under the street name of "Bath Salts".

This new potent form of LSD, is also known as K2&Spice and sold at gas stations and some specialty shops. 'Bath salts' are a very potent,lethal and dangerous hallucinogenic, causing psychosis and empowering the user with uncontrollable strength and often a burning feeling. The chemicals have been banned by the US Drug Enforcement Agency in 2011, according to this report, however they are still accessible in some states and many people are still making it in their homes!!

According to the following 20/20 report, retail stores claim it is not a dangerous product! They don't want to ban it and say the government should not regulate it. The product is labeled "not for human consumption", yet people are using it anyway, snorting or inhaling it. Most stores claim they won't sell the product to anyone under 18, but in this video an undercover 16 year old teen was able to purchase it&never asked for ID.

I don't get what the purpose of the product is, if it's not for human consumption and not for use by anyone under 18 because it is a dangerous substance,why is the product made or sold in the first place??

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