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OB-GYN refused to perform a planned C-section,botched birth&detached baby's spine while trying to yank him from the birth canal!

I came across this news headline earlier today, "Missouri couple sues doctors for separating baby’s head during grisly botched birth, and trying to cover it up" and thought, "Oh my God, how could this happen?" If this story is true, which I don't doubt, this is one of the most disturbing and heartbreaking stories I've ever heard, other than stories of botched abortions and abortion itself [graphic images]. Parents Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette

Sadly in abortion those women are hiring someone to end their child's life, but in this case the parents were looking forward to welcoming their little boy into the world.

I can't understand why the OB-GYN would refuse to perform the recommended C-Section and then tell the parents they couldn't go to another hospital. Why couldn't they just walk out and go to another hospital?? Of course if she was in labor and felt she was ready to give birth any minute there may have been no time to travel to another hospital...however in this case it sounds like they would have been better off delivering the baby themselves on the way to another hospital and called an ambulance. 

The article from NY Dailyl News describes their horrific story as follows:

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette claim in lawsuit that their OB-GYN refused to perform a planned C-section and then detached baby's spine while trying to yank him from the birth canal. 

A Missouri obstetrician separated a baby's head from his body during delivery and then shoved the newborn back into the mother and performed an emergency C-section to cover up the ghastly blunder, a couple claims in a lawsuit.


Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, of Florissant, filed a 10-count complaint in St. Louis County Circuit Court last month claiming doctors wrongly pushed them to have a vaginal delivery, decapitated their son and then tried to cover it up, according to local Patch and Courthouse News Service.

The details of the couple's claim are horrifying.


During a February 2011 appointment, the couple claimed, Dr. Susan Moore told them their baby boy would have to be delivered by caesarian because his abdomen was too large for a normal birth, according the CNS report.


Betts went into labor on March 22, just 28 weeks into what is normally a 40-week pregnancy.


The delivering doctor at St. John's Mercy Medical Center, Dr. Gilbert Webb, refused to perform a C-section and "would only agree to deliver her baby by way of attempted trial of vaginal delivery," the complaint said, according to Patch. 

Webb refused to allow them to go to a different hospital, and "Betts consented to a trial of vaginal delivery under duress and protest," the complaint said.


During the birth, the boy's head breached, but the rest of his body got stuck in the birth canal, the complaint said.


In an attempt to pull the boy loose, Webb applied traction to his head and "separated (the boy's) head from his cervical spine," the complaint said.


Blood "shot out" from the newborn's neck in full view of his parents, the complaint said.


Webb then "pushed" the boy's head and body back into the birth canal and scrambled to perform a C-section, slicing into Betts before anesthesia kicked in, the complaint said.


During the procedure, Webb "surgically and completely removed" the boy's head from his body, the complaint said.


The doctor then tried to cover up the boy's wounds before handing him over to his parents — though the complaint doesn't say how he did this.

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Horrific and sad situation. I hope justice is served and these grieving parents are compensated for their loss and the doctor and those involved in the coverup are jailed.  Sadly, no monetary compensation will ever bring their child back :(

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