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Study: liberal media and education "imprints" sex&violence on our kids

I, along with many other concerned parents, have recognized for a long time how the liberal media, from movies,television to music and public education, have negatively influenced children with too much sex,nudity, violence, and adult language through education, marketing and the media. Gone are the quality family and children's programs of yesteryear, like "Little House on The Prairie", "The Brady Bunch" and other quality children's programs. Now the media is exposing our kids to homosexuality, sex, adult language and more with shows like "The New Normal", "666 Park Avenue", "The Soul Man" and "The Client List".

It's time for parents to demand a more quality education for their children, as well as more quality movies, music and marketing towards children. Kids are learning about sex, drugs and other lifestyles before they are five years old in many cases. Parents are finding themselves forced to get rid of television altogether or home school their kids. Instead of parents having to boycott the media and public schools, they need to have a bigger voice in the decision making of what is going into our children's minds. 

Groups like the Family Research Council, One Million Moms, American Family Association, and other parent organizations focused on healthy living,education and teaching morals and values have been speaking out on behalf of families and children in the US. However, the liberal media and organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] have villianized them and made them appear as the 'bad guys'. Instead of standing up for principle values&morals our country was founded upon, they along with this current administration have labeld such groups as terrorist organizations, extremists and/or hate groups simply because concerned parents like myself want better for their children. 

Instead the liberal media and political lobbying groups like Planned Parenthood have been forcing sex, including gender identity, and homosexuality on kids as young as five years old and abortion and birth control on kids as young as 14yrs old in some states. Television and movies are inundated with similar concepts with a recent study reporting, the number of gay and bisexual characters on scripted broadcast network TV is at its highest-ever level. This is an attempt to normalize what many would consider an abomination to their religious beliefs and personal beliefs. 

The 17th annual “Where We Are on TV” report, released Friday, found that 4.4 percent of actors appearing regularly on prime-time network drama and comedy series during the 2012-13 season will portray lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender characters. That is up from 2.9 percent in 2011, which saw a dip in what had been a growing annual trend.

The study found that 31 of them are LGBT characters.

ABC has the highest amount, with 10 out of 194, or 5.2 percent, of their regular characters identified as LGBT.

After leading last year, Fox ranks second with six LGBT characters out of 118 total series regulars, or 5.1 percent.

CBS was saluted as much improved, with four out of 142 LGBT series regulars, or 2.8 percent, up from 0.7 percent last year. Among CBS’s new fall series is “Partners,” a comedy about two childhood friends and business partners, one of whom is gay and in a relationship. The network’s lineup represents “an authentic and conscious effort by CBS to improve its diversity,” the study said.

Regular gay and lesbian characters on what the study termed “mainstream” cable television has also risen this season to 35, up from 29 last season. reports on a new study that has linked children's brain scans to an increase in brain activity caused by liberal media marketing. These imprints have an affect on poor decision making skills and compulsive habits and behaviors of children, but also effects their physiological and emotional development. In result, as students are exposed to sexual, violent and adult content in their daily lives through marketing and media, they become habitual.

The University of Kansas Medical Center recent findings just confirmed a strong hunch. Using MRI technology to scan the brains of children, they found that fast-food logos triggered an increase in brain activity compared to non-food logos. Along with stunting areas in the brain not fully developed, mainly those providing self-control and logical-reasoning skills, research also indicated a child's cognitive and emotional drives and motivations were clearly manipulated by such logo-like brain activity. Results revealed that children and adolescents were developing poor decision-making skills and undergoing compulsive and habitual thinking and behaviors.(1) In other words, the symbols and images an individual continually perceives in a market-dominated and mass electronic world, or "imprinting," is stamped and impressed on and in the mind. It effects both the physiological and emotional make-up of the brain, even driving motivation and behavior. It can also become extremely habitual.
By the time students enter my class, they will have been imprinted with tens of thousands of sexual, violent, and military-like logos and images. When studying and acquiring new information about the past and then applying it to the present, any mention of words or viewing images relating to sex, militarism, and violence will "trigger" habitual brain activity associated with prior imprinted images and virtual experiences.

Have adolescents already been sexualized, militarized, and violentized too? Do these stamped images on the mind and imprinted logos in the brain inhibit attention, retention, and logical-reasoning skills, even filtering or erasing the acquisition of new information, knowledge and ideas? When students leave the classroom, they enter a mass marketed society driven by dominant types of vocabularies, logos, concepts, images, and behaviors. It is a momentary, unthinking, uninhibited world of conspicuous consumption and egocentric behaviors. Youth are even more at risk by the new curriculum and testing that eliminates the Humanities: Civics, Ethics, Psychology, Sociology, and Comparative Religions.

Few students remembered Sparta's phalanx and how children were considered property of the state and their rigorous military training, along with "might makes right" reasoning. Most forgot that the Olympics were created to promote peace among warring Greek City states and that women caught attending were thrown off of cliffs, which revealed their status and lack of rights. Absent was the concept of ancient Greek democracy and how it was more advanced than our current republicanism, especially since legislatures were chosen by lots and all eligible voters voted for or against each law, even before going to war. Neither did they remember how Alexander the Great conquered portions of three continents and spread Hellenistic Greek influence. Never mind that he embraced Egyptian and Persian customs, taking the title of Pharaoh and enforcing proskynesis, which greatly offended the "socio-centric" Greeks, or that his "egocentrism" caused a failed invasion attempt of India, or how his troops mutinied and refused to fight. 

In conclusion, if parents want to make the world a better place for their children they need to stand up for what's right and wrong rather than what the media and schools believe is right and wrong for our children. We have to demand better from them and expect more quality education, marketing, movies, music and television that fits our children's interests without exposing them to behavior or lifestyles that many find offensive or adult oriented. Let our children be children and let them enjoy childhood while they can. Let them enjoy the innocence of childhood without being forced to accept alternative lifestyles, sex, violence and adult language as 'the new normal'.

Let our children grow up empowered with a true education in civics, ethics, morality, math, reading, writing and history. Let them learn that if we all treat each other with human dignity from conception to natural death and respect for one another that we can get along despite our differences. Don't let them grow up in a world force fed by moral relativism, but teach them about good morals and values. The Golden Rule again should apply, teach your children to treat others as they wish to be treated. We don't have to befriend and accept everyone, but we should learn to tolerate one another and accept that we are different. Tolerance doesn't mean acceptance but respect and with respect we can learn to treat one another better.

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